Wrist Strengthening

Best Wrist Strengthening Exercises

There are a number of reasons why you may have the need for wrist strengthening exercises.  Wrists are a highly used part of your body that starts working as soon as you turn your alarm clock off in the morning and they do not stop working until you finally fall asleep at night.

Wrist injuries or weakness can occur because of an accident, sports, slip and fall, repetitive actions or simply doing a lot of typing.  Overuse of the hands is fairly common in musicians, computer operators and carpenters and can result in tendonitis or carpel tunnel syndrome.  Both of these conditions can produce numbness, pain and tingling in the wrists, fingers and hands.


If you are recovering from injury or simply overusing your hands on a daily basis, there are a few wrist strengthening exercises that you can easily add to your daily routine.

A wrist strengthening exercise routine should be completed at least three times per week.  Also, once you can comfortably complete the recommended repetitions, you can increase the number weekly.