Worm Infestation

Could You Have A Worm Infestation?

A worm infestation is not the same thing as an infection because it does not cause antigen antibody reactions to prevent future outbreaks.  When an infestation occurs there is not a destruction of tissues because worms are parasites that infest their host to keep living with barely any symptoms while an infection is caused by virus, bacteria or fungus.

Types Of Worms

There are a few different types of worms that could be attacking your body, including:


Symptoms Of A Worm Infestation

Symptoms will vary depending on the type of worm and its affecting site but they commonly are:

Preventative Measures

Proper hygiene is essential if you want to have a fighting chance at preventing worm infestation.  Children must be taught at an early age, the importance of wearing shoes outside and of washing their hands properly.  Also, pets should be inspected and cleaned often.  Hands need to be cleaned thoroughly with soap and water before handling food, after playing with pets and after using the toilet.  Additionally, it is a good idea to keep your child's nails trimmed very short so they do not scratch and pass eggs under their nails to other people.

Homeopathic Therapy

Homeopathy offers sort of a miraculous therapy option to the traditional drugs that have been used in the past that often result in uncomfortable side effects.  It does not actually kill the worms but rather makes the circumstances unfavorable so that they are expelled.  Homeopathy ensures relief without allergic reactions, abdominal pain, drug use or the chance of dependency.