Weak Chin

Augmentation Surgery To Correct A Weak Chin

A weak chin is traditionally not a preferred characteristic to have since throughout history, a strong chin has always been a sign of beauty and even power.  Chin augmentation produces a gratifying and dramatic outcome by improving your face's overall harmony.  It is accomplished by putting a synthetic implant over top of the bony chin which ultimately acts like an extension of the bone.  This improves the balance between your entire face and your chin.

Ideal Chin Size

Chances are, if you have a weak chin, you already know it but sometimes it is helpful to have a profile picture of yourself taken to examine yourself from the side.  An ideal chin size will depend on the overall size of your face, your height and the size of your nose.

However, as a rule, if you examine your profile picture, your chin should end in line with the lower lip's vermilion border.  Women can actually get away with their chin being slightly behind that line while men can be a bit over it.

Chin Augmentation Material

The most popular materials used to correct a weak chin with surgery are Gore-Tex and Silastic, which is a medical-grade synthetic rubber.  Since the implants are placed directly on the bone, they feel natural and like they are part of the bone.  The greatest benefit of chin augmentation is that it is a permanent procedure.  These implants will not reabsorb over time.

Some surgeons actually prefer to cut the lower part of the jawbone and then they slide it forward to fix the weak chin.  This is not the preferred method by most doctors though as there are greater complications and risks involved.

What To Expect

Every patient has varying results from their chin augmentation surgery.  In general, they will substantially improve your appearance and self-esteem however, it is important to have realistic goals from the procedure.

Upon completion of the surgery, your weak chin will be close to where it should be so your entire profile will look balanced.  Also, following the procedure, your neck usually looks much more sculpted and thinner as well.  If you happen to have excess fat in this area, the chin augmentation can be accompanied by liposuction.

Safety Of The Implants

Chin and facial implants have been proven to be safe, affordable and predictable.  There have literally been millions of these procedures completed with no allergic reactions reported.  The implants come in an array of sizes and shapes that are tailored by your surgeon to become your ideal implant size.


Anesthesia Information

Most surgeons performing correction surgery for a weak chin use twilight anesthesia which is much safer compared to the previous options.  The advantages of this method include:

Twilight anesthesia involves placing an intravenous into a vein on the back of your hand.  Medication is administrated through this needle to make you sleepy and unaware of anything going on around you and then numbing medicine is applied to the surgical area.  Since twilight anesthesia clears your system so quickly, most patients can go home in under 20 minutes.


There will be a little discomfort resulted from a chin augmentation.  Pain medication is prescribed and a pressure dressing is worn at night while you sleep.  Swelling is usually gone within four days and you are able to go back to work whenever you feel comfortable.