Walking Vs Jogging

Walking vs Jogging:  The Great Debate

Walking vs jogging is quite possibly one of the most argued debates by enthusiasts of both sides.  Which exercise is better for you?  Which one will burn the most calories and show you the fastest results?  It is nearly impossible to designate one as the ultimate winner of the physical fitness war because exercise is really about participating in what is best for you, at your skill level, to make yourself healthier.

Although jogging does offer the fastest weight loss results, it is not necessarily any better for you than walking.  While walking around the block is better for you than sitting on your couch, running around the block twice in the same amount of time is even better.  As long as you are moving, you are burning calories so if you are just starting out exercising, choose an activity that you most enjoy and that you will stick with.

Calories Burned Comparison

There is always a lot of confusion in regards to how many calories you burn when you compare walking vs jogging.  It is easiest to understand this if you look at it from a distance perspective.  Say for example, that you burn 100 calories per mile.  It is pretty much universal whether you are jogging or walking, the only difference is the speed in which you get there.  If you walk the mile in 15 minutes but run it in 10 minutes, you are burning more calories in regards to the amount of time you exercised.

Therefore, if you were jogging and walking for exactly 30 minutes, you would burn more calories jogging because you would actually cover more ground.  Of course, weight and speed play key roles in burning calories as well because your body needs more calories to handle the impact of your stride when running.

Running Injuries

To fairly debate walking vs jogging, it is important to also compare the injuries that are associated with both.  One is not more dangerous than the other; they both use their own unique stride that can cause a different set of injuries.  Wearing proper shoes and warming up can help prevent this from happening.


Walking Injuries

You will notice when comparing walking vs jogging that there are similarities in some injuries.

Overpronation Issues

When comparing walking vs jogging injuries, it is important to understand that overpronation plays a huge role in causing many ailments.  Injuries such as shin splints, plantar fasciitis, bunions, tarsal tunnel syndrome, Achilles tendonitis and anterior compartment syndrome are all a possible result of the way that your foot rolls inward when jogging and walking.  Wearing shoes with a stabilizer or an insert can help with this.