Vegetarian Fast Food

Top 12 Places To Get Vegetarian Fast Food

The demand for vegetarian fast food has never been higher.  Today, more and more people are making the lifestyle change to eliminate flesh from their diet so some of the country's most popular food chains have made sure to accommodate this part of the population.  Since vegetarians do still consume dairy and sugar and some eat eggs, vegetarian fast food is not too far fetched of an idea.  Of course, all of the vegans will continue to patiently wait for restaurants to acknowledge their requests as well, which sadly, may never happen.  But, for all the vegetarians out there, you are going to be pleasantly surprised at what you find on this list.

  1. Arby's – This popular fast food chain offers salads, jalapeno bites, mozzarella cheese sticks, home fries and curly fries.  Arby's says that they fry the above items in their own fryer that doesn't see meat products however, some employees suggest this precaution is not always taken. You may want to skip the drive thru and go inside to see your food prepared.  Also, their apple, cherry and blueberry turnovers are safe too.  They claim to be vegan however, upon reviewing the ingredients, they are not.
  1. Au Bon Pain – They have a nice selection of bagels as well as vegetarian cream cheese to go with them.  They rarely use eggs with their breads but most of their baked goods to contain them.  Au Bon Pain carries some vegetarian soups and chile however, the French onion does contain chicken broth.
  1. Boston Market – This chain offers a pretty decent selection of vegetarian fast food such as salads, cranberry walnut relish, steamed vegetables, zucchini marinara, fruit salad, cinnamon apple sauce, apple cinnamon apples and apple cobbler.  If you are a vegetarian that does not eat eggs, stay clear of their cornbread, macaroni and cheese and pastas.  Also the mashed potatoes contain mono-and triglycerides and gelatin.
  1. Bruegger's Bagels – This is actually a top-pick by many people looking for vegetarian fast food. Of their four soups that they have daily, two are always vegetarian.  All of their bagels are vegetarian and they make some pretty good veggie sandwiches.  They offer basic salads, great hummus and their cheeses are made with vegetarian rennet.
  1. California Pizza Kitchen – While there is rumor that their pizza crusts are safe for vegans, they are not.  However, they are absolutely fine for vegetarians as they do not contain eggs but they do have dairy.  Also, the Tuscon Bean soup does not contain meat stock.

  1. Panera Bread – This is another favorite choice for individuals looking for vegetarian fast food. They are happy to provide you with a detailed list of ingredients for all of their  products as well.  Nearly all of their soups contain animal base but they do have a good garden vegetable and black bean soup that is vegetarian-friendly.  They have an abundance of exotic salads, veggie sandwiches and fresh baked breads to choose from.
  1. Taco Bell – This is a vegetarian's dream fast food restaurant who is on a tight budget.  Almost all of their non-meat dishes are safe to eat.  Their sour cream does contain gelatin however their guacamole is vegetarian.
  1. Wendy's – All of their sauces as well as their signature Frosty are not vegetarian however, they offer salads, fries, baked potatoes, taco chips and applesauce.
  1. Applebee’s – While, not your typical drive thru place, they usually have pretty quick service to get you in and out and offer takeout as well.  They have an abundance of salads, pizza and mozzarella sticks, baked and new potatoes, cheese nachos and a really nice vegetarian plate. Some venues have cheese quesadillas , grilled cheese sandwiches and sizzling vegetarian skillets but there is no way to know what they cooked on their grill prior.  Their garden burgers do contain eggs and their fries contain beef fat.  Stay clear of all pasta and desserts.
  1. Fazoli's – They have an abundance of vegetarian dishes including salads, subs and pastas.  Fazoli's says their pasta contains no eggs and their breadsticks are vegetarian-safe.
  1. Jack in the Box – This classic restaurant offers breadsticks, fries, onion rings, salads, guacamole, pita and gyro bread and stuffed jalapenos.  Stay away from anything with their secret sauce as it contains eggs and anchovies.  They use a lot of gelatin in desserts and their egg roles contain pork so stay clear of these.
  1. T.G.I. Fridays – This quick-stop restaurant gets an honorable mention for their fettuccine Alfredo, veggie wrapper, cheddar cheese nachos, spinach and feta pizzadilla and their garden burgers.  Oh, and their alcohol is pretty much vegetarian-friendly too!