Urinary System Facts

Interesting Urinary System Facts

Urinary system facts are actually more interesting that you probably think.  Also, refereed to as your excretory system, this part of your body is actually quite important to your existence.  Your urinary system eliminates metabolic waste in urine from out of your body but it also plays a key role in balancing your bodily fluids.

A Closer Look

One of the most interesting urinary system facts is that it helps you maintain your health in many ways.  When you eat, the essential nutrients that are found in the food you just consumed are absorbed so that they can be distributed to various parts of your body that need them.

The remaining waste that is in your blood and bowel has to be disposed of.  Therefore, your lungs, kidneys, skin and intestines all work together to evacuate these wastes out of your body.  If this didn't happen, the waste would accumulate and you would be poisoned.  Your urinary system works hard to rid your body of urea as well as other waste materials by producing urine so that they can easily be excreted.  Even more importantly, your urinary system also controls how much water as well as mineral salts are absorbed back into your bloodstream.

Examining The Urinary System

To further understand and appreciate the many urinary system facts, it is helpful to examine each element as an individual.  Your system is made up of two kidneys, one bladder, one urethra and two ureters.  These all work together to keep your body functioning properly.