Unhealthy Fast Food

How to Avoid Unhealthy Fast Food

Unhealthy fast food is part of the reason why so many Americans come down with heart disease and have problems with cholesterol.  The amount of sodium and fat in fast food meals are a heart disease waiting to happen.  Yet so many of us give in to temptation and have our meals super-sized.

So how can you avoid unhealthy fast food?

Pack a Lunch

One of the main reasons why we give into our fast food obsession is because we are so rushed that “fast” food seems like the only answer.  With only fifteen minutes to spare we run across the street and have one of those double-decker burgers pulled out from under the heat lamps and placed right on our trays.  Salt coated fries and a thick, fatty milkshake are our inevitable side dish and beverage.  And off we lumber back to work—the burger like a lead bar in our stomachs.

A great way to both save money and time is to pack a lunch.  Wrap it up and put it in a bag the night before so you will not run out of time in morning when we are inevitably in a rush.  Get your favorite kind of bread.  Pack an apple with it, and perhaps indulge in your favorite beverage.  (Don’t forget a tooth brush—a midday brush can really extend tooth health.)

Having a bagged lunch will not only mean you don’t have to rush out to get something to eat, but given that your average home prepared sandwich costs about $1.50, you will be cutting your lunch budget in half, at least.  In addition, you will have time left over to run an errand if you need to or just enjoy the rest of the lunch hour.

Don’t Bring Enough Money or Credit for Fast Food

If you have a problem resisting your urges when the specially designed smell of the frying patties of unhealthy fast food reaches your nose, you might try not bringing the money for it.  Make it a hassle to go to the fast food place so that you will have difficulty fitting it in.  Alternatively, leave your money and credit at home (except for what you need for transportation, of course).  This is not an ideal method to keep yourself from eating fast food, but if you need to do it, you need not apologize for protecting your health.

Get a Healthy Food Lunch Buddy

One of the best ways to avoid unhealthy fast food is to get support from those around you.  If you have a buddy at work who already eats bag lunches or who you can convince to go on your healthy living journey along with you, then you should enlist them to help you.  Feeling as if you are in it with someone else can make the load feel a lot lighter.  Not only that, but you might actually be helping someone else to live healthier as well.

Reward Yourself

Another way to help yourself to avoid unhealthy foods is to give yourself little goals for your good behavior.  With the money that you save from not going out to a fast food lunch, you can afford to treat yourself to a little gift at the end of the week or month.  In addition, you might actually use quality ingredients to make your lunch.  This will have two positive effects.  First, you will feel more invested in your bagged lunch because you have spent extra time and effort creating and perfecting it.  Second, better ingredients will make the whole experience of eating better and thus make the sandwich not seem like a poor substitute for the fast food you could be having.  You might even indulge in a soda every so often to make things more appealing.

The key however is to remember that it is just better for you to eat and live more healthily.