Two Year Old Behavior

Things to Expect with Two Year Old Behavior

If you have grown children then you understand all too well what things to expect as two year old behavior.  However, if you have a child quickly approaching this milestone or you want to become pregnant but worry about horror stories pertaining to children around this age, the information in this article will put some concerns to rest.  Although a two-year-old child can sometimes be a handful, as you are about to learn, you have viable options for reducing or even stopping some of the negative aspects.

For starters, a child around the age of two is beginning to recognize that he or she has manipulation powers.  Through fussing, whining, and finger pointing, even a small child such as this can take over and before the parents even realize what happened, they now have a small monster to reign back in.  Now, some independency showing up is actually positive but to keep situations from quickly spiraling out of control, parents need to set definite house rules and enforce them starting at a very young age.

Curiosity is another huge part of two year old behavior.  Children around age two are insistent on touching or putting everything in the mouth.  To the child, it does not matter if the object were a dead bug found on the outside patio, medication accidentally dropped on the bathroom floor, or playing pieces to a board game.  Children are overly curious around age two as they become increasingly aware of their surroundings and all the wonders just waiting to be explored.  Obviously, the number one goal of parents is to keep the child safe so at this time, the house should be completely child proofed and parents should spend more time monitoring every move made by the child.

It is also common to see a child acting suspicious around certain people once he or she nears age two.  Out of nowhere, a parent may find the child who just last week would “talk” to anyone now wants nothing to do with men or women family members or friends.  In fact, the child may become almost hysterical when a stranger approaches to compliment the “cute baby.”  This behavior is a built-in mechanism that helps keep most children safe.  As the child ages, the worry and fear that can be a part of two year old behavior will start to lift.

One of the main things associated with a child of this age that parents wished never happened is the temper tantrum.  However, tantrums are a part of two year old behavior and while some babies throw very few, others can be challenging.  Babies around two starts to build a good vocabulary but without being able to form sentences to tell a parent about not feeling well, having an itch, being hungry, or simply needing some cuddle time, some babies will have full-blown temper tantrums.  For parents, this particular two year old behavior is unnerving, worrisome, frustrating, and usually embarrassing since children seem to throw tantrums in public.

Finally, parents will sometimes notice the child wanting to alternate cuddling one minute and then have nothing to do with them the next minute.  This goes back to learning to be independent, which is something positive but for the parent, it is a time of trying to accommodate two personalities within the same adorable body.  The easiest way of dealing with both good and bad situations specific to two year old behavior is to be patient and remain calm.  The more in control the parent acts, the less stressed the child would be.