Trouble Losing Weight

Why Some People Have Trouble Losing Weight

Millions of people around the globe share one problem – trouble losing weight.  For some, the amount of weight loss may be insignificant but for others, the extra pounds have pushed them into the obesity category, which now puts that person at risk for developing even more physical challenges.  Unfortunately, people have adopted the wrong body image due to the perfect bodies of celebrities but what needs to be understood is that many of Hollywood’s finest have had extensive cosmetic surgery and procedures to look like a million bucks.

For the average person, trying to achieve the same look of celebrities is simply unfeasible and even unhealthy.  Instead, people need to lose weight for health reasons.  Now, for the person who has 50 pounds or more to lose, there is a sense of pride that comes from being a smaller physical size.  Obviously, being at a healthy weight provides more opportunities for wearing fun clothes but even better, it reduces stress on the heart, lungs, kidneys, and bones, giving that individual a second lease on life.

For anyone who needs to drop excessive pounds but is having trouble losing weight, it would be helpful to start by trying to identify possible causes.  For example, as people age, the body’s metabolism slows down.  For this reason, many people begin putting on a few extra pounds but without realizing how much until they hit reach the 30s or 40s.  The best two methods for accomplishing this would be to eat a healthier and more balanced diet and start exercising to help speed up the metabolism.

Then, some people have trouble losing weight because of medication being taken.  Unfortunately, a number of commonly prescribed medications have the one side effect no person wants to see – potential weight gain.  Depending on the medication and reason for taking it, the doctor may be able to prescribe something different or perhaps lower the dose, which might help.  However, no one should simply stop taking any prescribed medication but rather than feel hopeless when facing trouble losing weight, sit down with the doctor to discuss viable solutions.

On a more serious note, some individuals have trouble losing weight because of illness.  However, this is not an automatic death sentence, merely an indicator that a medical intervention may be needed.  As an example, if a person has hypothyroidism, it means the thyroid gland is not producing an adequate amount of growth hormone.  Because this hormone produced by the thyroid gland is responsible for growth and development, as well as other processes within the body at the cellular level, when hormone levels are inadequately produced, having trouble losing weight would be anticipated.

Finally, some people will claim to be having trouble losing weight but after going through their refrigerator and cabinets, and following them around for a few days, it becomes evident the problem has to do with poor lifestyle choices.  Therefore, if diet were improved and the person were to get a minimum of 30 minutes exercise daily, the ongoing issue of having trouble losing weight would disappear and in its place would be a newly formed body, more energy, reduced risk of health issues, and a newfound sense of confidence.