Tricep Pain

How to Cope With Tricep Pain

Tricep pain is traditionally caused by a type of tendonitis in the area.  It is commonly seen in bodybuilders or individuals who engage in physical labor for a living.  It can cause a significant amount of discomfort and really interfere with your daily activities and quality of life.  If you think that you have caused injury to your tricep, it is recommended to see a doctor as soon as you can.

The tricep muscle is what you use to straighten out your arm.  It is attached with a large tendon to your elbow.  Tricep pain is generally the result of inflammation of that large connecting tendon.  It occurs from excessive force and overuse such as with bench-pressing, hammering or throwing movements.

Symptoms Of Tricep Tendonitis

Symptoms associated with tricep tendonitis include:

Tendonitis symptoms are usually recurring and tricep pain is most often experienced with movement or strain.  Only a qualified doctor can determine the severity of the tricep tendonitis and will generally take X-rays to check for any chipped bones that could be causing the condition or elevating pain levels.


While tricep pain associated with tendonitis can be treated, the condition may not be able to be cured in some people.  Below are common treatment methods for tricep tendonitis.


As soon as you feel an intense level of tricep pain you should stop whatever you are doing immediately.  The following tricep rehabilitation exercises should be done with only three to five pound weights at the most.  While you may feel a good stretch, you should not be in pain.  These exercises are meant to heal your injury not make it worse.