Toning Inner Thighs

Helpful Tips for Toning Inner Thighs

Toning inner thighs and getting rid of unattractive thigh fat is a problem that weighs heavily on women all over the globe. It seems to many women, that no matter how many leg lifts they do or how many hours they spend climbing stairs, the fat on their inner thighs never goes away. Despite all of these muscle-building exercises, toning inner thighs still manages to evade them.

Toning inner thighs doesn’t just require muscle building, however. It is a careful balance of strengthening, cardio, and proper diet that will eventually result in supple, but lean thighs that will beg to be shown off. This article outlines some of the more effective tactics that should be implemented into thigh workout regimens.

As with all workout and diet changes, speak to your physician first.

The Importance of Diet

No one really likes to hear it, but without proper diet the fat is simply not going to go away. This does not mean that one has to live life as a rabbit, eating only salads and celery. Many foods are acceptable, but it is imperative that efforts are made to avoid processed foods and sugars. In addition to the dietary changes, make sure you begin taking a multivitamin if you aren’t already.

A good diet to follow (while you’re burning off the fat, not permanently) is one high in protein. Try to have at least 4 servings of protein each day. This can consist of skinless chicken breasts, lean beef, fish, etc. You should also limit yourself to only one serving of carbohydrates a day. This means one bagel, 2 slices of bread, or 2 English muffins. Veggies and fruits should still be a large feature in your daily foods. Have at least 3 servings of veggies and 2 of fruit.

Sodas should be totally kicked out of your diet. Instead, drink a good deal of water. This will help flush out burned off fat as well. Unsweetened or green tea can also be drank, but avoid sports drinks unless you are burning 600 calories at least during your workouts.

Effective Workout Methods

Despite what you may be thinking, doing leg lifts and climbing stairs is not going to get you toned down thighs. They will bulk you up more than tone you down, especially with a high protein diet. While you do want to build some muscle, you want to burn off a great deal of fat as well. In order to do this, you need to incorporate an equal, if not more, amount of cardiovascular exercises.

Frequency of exercise is important as well. To maintain a healthy body, it is suggested that you workout approximately 30 minutes, 3 times a week. You don’t want to maintain, though. You want to change your body. In order to do so, you will need to work out for approximately an hour, 6 days a week.


Day 1 of your week should consist of muscle building exercises. This is where those stair climbers come in handy. Walking on a treadmill at a very steep incline is another great way to get your legs burning. Follow it up with deep open toed squats. This utilizes and stretches out your inner thighs.

Day 2 should be focused solely on cardio. Fat must be burned in order to see all of your newly developed muscles. If you have a gym membership, take an intense class that mixes step exercises with martial arts. You also have the option of going for an hour long run.

Repeat these routines until you reach day 7. Day 7 should be spent recuperating either by resting completely or by stretching out. Consider doing some yoga at home. You should begin to feel a difference at the end of week 1 if you push yourself enough. Remember though: if you don’t push past your comfort level, you will not get results. Make sure you’re working up a sweat.