Teeth Straightening Options

Viable Teeth Straightening Options

Having a beautiful smile is the goal of millions of people and with these teeth straightening options, you can.  Obviously, when you smile knowing your teeth are straight and white, you feel more confident.  The good news is that thanks to medical technology, you have many more options than ever before for straightening crooked teeth.

For starters, the most obvious teeth straightening options is with braces.  If the crookedness of your teeth were bad, then more than likely braces would be your only viable option.  Then, depending on severity, the length of time could be anywhere from one to five years.  In addition, some people with crooked teeth have to undergo oral surgery to remove teeth to allow for appropriate space so the braces can do their job.  Otherwise, wearing braces with too many teeth would simply cause other teeth to become crooked.

One of the more revolutionary teeth straightening options to see in some time is a device called Invisalign.  This new system is similar to braces but with many benefits.  Using retainer-like mouthpieces, you would wear the shaper to eliminate the crooked teeth slowly.  Usually, the Invisalign is only an option when the degree of crookedness us minor but wearing the system for about a year can produce remarkable results.

Another one of the more recent teeth straightening options is with veneers.  The preferred method involves the natural teeth being buffered or even ground down and the veneers being applied to the surface.  The benefits include having a perfect, white smile immediately and any small crookedness being corrected.  Some people choose composite although porcelain is the favorite.  The major drawback of teeth straightening options in regards to veneers is the high price.

Now, within the past six months a new form of veneers has been introduced.  These are designed as an actual set of teeth that are simply put into the mouth and positioned correctly.  With this, you would have the ability to choose the level of whiteness, which many people love.  Additionally, these new full-mouth veneers can be worn all the time or simply placed in the mouth for special occasions.

Cosmetic contouring is another possibility for teeth straightening options currently available.  Typically, when overcrowding in the mouth is the problem, this option works well.  With this process, the teeth are literally reshaped.  The cosmetic dentist would perform a number of procedures to complete the job, usually up to three times.  The great thing is that contouring causes only slight discomfort during the procedures.

Finally, teeth straightening options include using a removable orthodontic appliance.  If the degree of crookedness is only minor, this option produces great results.  However, this type of appliance is usually only used on the upper teeth so if the bottom teeth are the problem, it may not work.  The bottom line is that today, a number of viable teeth straightening options exist so to determine which one is best for you, it would be necessary to schedule an appointment with a reputable and qualified dentist.