Teenage Diets

How To Lose Weight Without Dangerous Teenage Diets

Teenage diets are often a touchy subject for many doctors and parents.  While no one wants a teenager to be overweight, it is equally as important that they don't engage in unhealthy crash diets or develop eating disorders as well.  It can be difficult to find a reliable source regarding the topic so teenagers should aim to look at a diet as a lifestyle change to be healthier, not to lose weight.  While there are just as many male teenagers that are overweight, it is primarily the females that actively participate in diets.  The important thing to understand is that teenage girls really need to learn to make nutritional choices and most diet plans overlook these crucial elements.

Adapt A Healthy Lifestyle

For many girls, their idea of the best teenage diets is simply not eating at all.  This usually leads to rapid weight loss, loss of hair, skin problems and disruption in menstruation.  Quite often, what the teenager needs is for their parent(s) to be positive examples.  If you are always eating in front of the television and making poor food choices, you can't expect your child to do any differently.  Go grocery shopping together and prepare healthy meals so that your teenager can learn important nutritional habits before they move out on their own and believe the microwave is the only valuable kitchen appliance.

Eliminate Fast Food Meals

Sure, it may be tempting to stop and grab fast food on your way home after a busy day but is this really the food that you want your child putting in their body?  Does this really even qualify to be called food?  It is not uncommon that those who are looking for teenage diets to simply need to lay off the fast food and the fountain soda and the pounds start dropping off.  Not to mention, fast food eating habits that start at a young age, become adult eating habits that lead to obesity, diabetes, heart disease and an endless list of other issues.

Forget The Pills

The last thing that you should ever allow is for your teenager to take diet pills.  More and more products come up in the news as being harmful and experts are finding long-term side effects linked with many of these.  Not to mention, wouldn't it be smarter to teach your teenager to eat right, exercise and be healthy than rely on a pill?  Statistics prove that a high percentage of individuals who use diet pills, gain their weight back within a year.


Teenage diets must always include exercise.  Burning calories and increasing the oxygen flowing through the blood is the only way to really be healthy.  In today's society, it is so incredibly easy to engage in exercise.  Not only can teenagers walk, run, roller-blade and bicycle outside, there are also many gyms that allow teenagers in with adult supervision.  Other places such as the YMCA cater to teenage programs and even offer yoga classes.  Also, it is never too late to enroll in school sports or in organized leagues.

Of course, one of the easiest ways for teenagers to get their exercise and have fun doing it is with their favorite video game console.  Why not actually put those game consoles to good use.  Nintendo Wii has endless workout programs and now Xbox 360 Kinect that doesn't even need a controller is also on the market.  The best thing about Kinect is that the camera will recognize up to six players so the whole family can get involved.

Get Excited

Teenage diets should not be those dreaded things that get put off to start next Monday or in the new year.  Help your child get excited about the positive change and sit down and write up a plan.  Create goals, an exercise program and get involved.  A teenager is more likely to stick with these new healthy changes if they have someone to participate with them.