Sweet Cravings

The Real Cause Behind Your Sweet Cravings

Do you suffer from uncontrollable sweet cravings?  Although an enormous number of women who crave sugar assume that this is some type of eating disorder that is not at all true.  These cravings are often the result of a hormonal imbalance that is due to lack of proper nutrition.

Your personal sweet cravings may be the result of eating an afternoon snack high in carbohydrates or sugar, that chocolate bar on your drive home from work or even the additional glass of wine before bed.  Regardless of where your weakness lies, the way to curb the cravings is always the same and contrary to popular belief, your lack of willpower has little to do with it.


Sweet cravings are the result of mixed up signals in your body.  When you are depressed or exhausted, you have low serotonin and blood sugar.  This sends a signal to your brain that you need some type of pick-me-up.  It is this signal that causes the craving.

Serotonin is a hormone that basically makes you feel good.  If it is low, it can cause you to feel sad.  If you have a weak digestive system or a hormonal imbalance, low serotonin will often be the result.  Carbohydrates and sugary foods release a small amount of serotonin which allows you to feel good temporarily but quickly returns you to your original state.  Then, the sweet cravings just come right back.  It is really quite a vicious little cycle.

If you are trying to lose weight and consume a diet that is low in fat you are only making your problems much worse.  This is because most people already eat a diet that is quite low in fat when compared to their high carbohydrate intake.  Because of these habits, you are partially resistant to insulin.

The Role Insulin Plays

Insulin plays a huge role in your sweet cravings.  It is responsible for telling the cells in your body to absorb glucose out of your bloodstream to maintain stable glucose levels.  When you are insulin resistant, your body no longer responds to it so it takes every calorie and turns it into fat.  Therefore, even if you only eat very small amounts, you will still gain weight.

Additionally, the cells in your body are unable to absorb the amount of glucose that they need.  This causes them to signal to your brain that you need to eat some sugar or carbohydrates which results in persistent food cravings.

Being resistant to insulin can cause heart disease, diabetes and obesity.  Believe it or not, a low-fat diet can worsen these conditions.  Many Americans are participating in the South Beach Diet or the Atkins Diet which can significantly worsen your metabolic problems.  It is advised that if you want to lose weight, you need to first heal your metabolism.


Adrenal Fatigue

Adrenal fatigue is another cause of sweet cravings.  If you suffer from sleep deprivation, insomnia or if you are under a large amount of stress, chances are, you feel pretty exhausted.  This causes adrenal fatigue which causes your body to signal for a pick me up.  To make your body happy, you probably reach for coffee, a sugar snack or something else high in carbohydrates.

Curb Cravings

If you blame yourself for your cravings, you worsen your mood which lowers your serotonin.  This results in emotional eating.  To stop this cycle and curb cravings you really need to offer your body a lot of support.  This is done by eating healthy foods and engaging in exercise.  Many people experience a disappearance in their cravings immediately once they start working out or adding a walk to their daily routine.

When offered proper nutritional support, your metabolism will heal itself.  Be patient!  If it is damaged it may take a bit of time but it will eventually happen.