Strong Smelling Urine

Causes Of Strong Smelling Urine

If you have strong smelling urine, it could be caused by a number of different things.  For most people, diet choices are to blame but there are some health concerns that can cause your urine to smell pungent as well.  A healthy individual will not excrete urine with an offensive smell so do not dismiss this as not being a big deal if you are experiencing this condition.  Your body could be telling you that you need to change your diet or that there is something a little more severe going on inside of you.

It is also important to note that strong smelling urine could be simply the result of medications, vitamin supplements and certain foods as well so there is also no reason to panic.  Just because your urine smells different or appears a different color does not absolutely suggest an infection or disease.

Evaluating Your Urine

Strong Smell With Change Of Color

Diet Changes

It is always advised to see a physician if symptoms persist but if you feel your strong smelling urine is something temporary, it can often be remedied with diet changes.