Stop Eating Junk Food

Tips on How to Stop Eating Junk Food

The availability of food in our society has increased in the past 50 years and so have the waistlines of the American people due to unhealthy choices; it is time to learn how to stop eating junk food.  The overall health and well being of future generations depend on it.

History of food

Food is a necessity for survival for all living things.  Wildlife of the world spends the majority of their days foraging or hunting for their next meal; always partaking of the same foods that make them part of the food chain in life.  Humans are the only living creature who eat food for enjoyment purposes only, and the only ones who have the freedom for choosing what they will eat.  Although our basic needs for food have not changed through the centuries, the types of foods we eat have undergone great transformations.

Early days of man found humans eating plant life, berries, fruits and seeds grown naturally as well as the meat provided from hunting wild creatures or fish caught in local waters.  These foods, along with plenty of water, composed the diet and all of the nutritional needs that humans needed.  It wasn’t long before man realized that they could form other foods from these basic building blocks.   Soon, flour and sugar were discovered and ways to use them to make foods that were not only satisfying but also pleasant to eat.

It was during the Industrial Revolution that food choices began to change; a time period that is credited with bringing major changes to the manufacturing, agricultural, technological, transportation and cultural worlds.  It also brought the introduction of junk foods.

What is junk food?

Food that has little to no nutritional value to the body is classified as “junk”.   When digested, instead of the vital nutrients, vitamins and minerals our bodies require to function, the foods provide only chemicals, empty calories and fat.  The chemicals and preservatives can be toxic to vital organs in the body, and the fat is simply stored in the body’s energy cells.  The empty calories leave us feeling unfulfilled, leading most people to overeat as their body signals the need for nutrients through cravings.

How to stop eating junk food

Many scientific studies show that eating junk food is a highly addictive habit; nearly as much so as drugs and alcohol.  It is important for good health and quality of life that we make the effort to eliminate junk food from the diet and focus instead on nutritional choices.  It can be easier than you think, although it will take vigilant effort to remain on the correct path.

  1. The first step is to relearn the food pyramid, which outlines the proper foods to eat and the amounts of each to eat.  Become familiar with the needs of your body and what it requires to function properly. 

  2. Secondly, rid your home of all junk foods.  Gone are the cheese doodles, potato chips, white processed flours and sugars, fatty processed meats and such. 

  3. Stock your home with nutritional food.  Purchase fresh meats and fish, fresh or frozen vegetables, whole grain bread and cereal products and healthy dairy.  Keep healthy fats, such as butter, olive oil, avocado and nuts.  Avoid canned goods and prepackaged food mixes when possible. 

  4. Provide yourself with healthy snacks.  Snacking is a way of life for humans, and having nutritional snacks will help you to succeed in resisting junk food.  Whole grain crackers, popcorn (not the prepackaged microwave products), yogurt, whole milk cheeses, fruits and nuts are great choices.

  5. Plan your trips to the grocery store carefully.  They are designed to encourage junk food purchases, so strategically planning is needed to avoid these aisles and concentrate your purchasing power on the perimeters of the store where fresh produce, meats and fish are found.

Don’t expect that your decision to stop eating junk food will be an easy one; it won’t.  However, dedication toward the health of your own and the bodies of your family members will pay off in lower weight and better quality of life.  Better yet, you are teaching your children good decision habits that they can carry with them into adulthood; breaking the unhealthy habits of the current generation.