Stimulate Metabolism

Effective Ways To Stimulate Metabolism

To achieve your weight loss goals, you have to stimulate metabolism because a more efficient, faster metabolic rate allows you to shed those unwanted pounds easier.  Have you ever noticed how some people seem to have a metabolism that never stops because they eat and eat, yet they're always thin?  Believe it or not, speeding up your metabolism isn't that hard if you know a few helpful tricks to practice.

Drink Water

There is a reason why weight loss professionals emphasize the importance of drinking water, this is the easiest way to stimulate metabolism and help your body burn calories.  This is because water naturally absorbs body heat, so when you drink it consistently throughout the day, your body has to continuously work to replenish any heat loss.  It is suggested that if you drink really cold water, your metabolism speeds up even more.

Reduce Calories

You probably already know to reduce your calorie intake when you start dieting, but do you know that you have to continually decrease your consumed calories as you lose weight because your metabolism naturally slows down.  To combat this problem, you need to build muscle because muscle burns more calories than fat.

Food Consumption

Stay away from sugar because it slows your metabolism down faster than anything else, causing your body to store extra calories as fat.  There are also some foods that you can eat that are proven to stimulate metabolism, such as:


The fastest way to get your metabolism revved up and burning calories is to exercise.  You don't even have to go to the gym or be a work out fanatic either because even squeezing in a daily walk with help substantially.  You will soon find that the more you workout, the more you will want to do it.

Manage Your Stress

High stress levels can really take a toll on your metabolism.  Weight gain that is caused by stress is incredibly unhealthy because it usually accumulates around the midsection, which increases your risk for diabetes and heart disease.  Try to find time to do something you really love everyday and consider squeezing in a few minutes of meditation as needed.


A good night sleep really has a positive impact on your metabolism.  It is proven that well-rested individuals are traditionally thinner.  Keep in mind that the final hours you are asleep are dedicated to muscle regeneration so getting at least seven hours of sleep will increase the resting metabolic weight level that you have.