Sternum Pain

Common Causes of Sternum Pain

The chest bone, or breastbone is formally known as the sternum and because of where the bone is located, as well as its primary purpose, sometimes people deal with sternum pain.  Located in the center of the chest just below the collarbone, this bone is what connects the ribs via cartilage.  This entire system of bones serves an important role of providing a protection to organs within the chest (i.e., heart, lungs).  That way, if you were ever to experience an injury, chances are good damage would be minimal.

When it comes to sternum pain, this could be something that lasts just a few days or a chronic condition that you would have to deal with for life.  Because there are so many reasons that pain of this type develops, we wanted to provide a brief overview of the more common cause for sternum pain.  In some instances, the pain would go away on its own whereas other times, medical intervention would be required.

In most cases, sternum pain is something that can easily be treated.  In addition, a variety of things could be done to prevent this type of pain from returning.  This is not to say that pain of this type is not real or that it does not hurt but it does provide some peace of mind in knowing that seldom is pain of this bone associated with anything overly serious.