Spinning Exercise

The Benefits Of Taking A Spinning Exercise Class

RPM, also known as spinning exercise is completed in an exercise class on a static bike that is usually complimented and motivated by exciting music and choreography.  Similar to any other form of exercise performed in a group, there is an instructor who guides the group through the choreography and determines the speed that the class runs at.

While some exercises are simply dreadful and boring to participate in, spinning exercise is extremely addictive.  It is a fabulous cardiovascular workout that can really result in some positive benefits that can change your entire lifestyle.

The workout is performed on a bike where the tension is decreased and increased and the lapsed time and mileage is kept track of on a small computer.  While participating in a spinning exercise class, you can also monitor your heart rate and calories burned as well.

Burn Calories

You will find that when you first start a class of this nature, you will hurt and it will be hard, especially if you have lazy legs from being inactive for awhile.  That being said, after you start seeing the pounds coming off due to the high level of burned calories, it will be all the motivation that you need to kick your workout into overdrive.

Completing just 30 minutes of a spinning exercise class can burn 500 calories and longer workouts can burn nearly 1,000 calories.  There is not another piece of cardiovascular exercise equipment in the gym that can offer those results.

Cardiovascular Health

Spinning pulls energy from your body's reserves which builds your muscular endurance substantially over time.  To really receive the full benefits of cardiovascular training, there are several points in your workout where you are required to both increase your speed to raise your heart rate and slow your pace to also lower it.

The harder you work and the more endurance that you build up, your lung capacity is increased as well.  This lowers your heart rate and helps with anxiety.


Working out doesn't have to be boring or even feel like exercise.  Spinning is exciting and fun and it is performed in an upbeat and motivational atmosphere.  Also, since the intensity level on the bike is constantly changing, it never feels like a routine.  There are always an abundance of supportive people around you to cheer you on and keep things competitive as well.

Low Impact

Spinning exercise class is really ideal for anyone who has problems with their knees.  Treadmills, stair climbers and the elliptical all have a traumatic impact on your feet, knees and back.  Even people with arthritis can comfortably participate without experiencing pain.


Lean Legs

There are few exercises that can give you the long, lean, strong leg muscles that spinning can.  This workout targets the largest muscles in our legs and it doesn't take long until you can see the change in your calves and thighs.

Work Your Abdominal Muscles

Interestingly, spinning exercise is not just for your legs.  Your instructor will remind you over and over again to maintain your posture.  This is because it is vital to targeting the right muscles.

The constant movement from side to side works your obliques as well as your central abdominal muscles.  Therefore, although your may not feel like you are working your stomach, you will definitely see the difference when you look in the mirror.

Elevated Confidence

Not only does the warm up and cool down give you relaxation time, spinning builds your mental strength and increases your confidence level.  The stronger you feel on the inside and the outside, the more sure and confident you will feel in every area of your life.