Spine Alignment

The Importance of Correct Spine Alignment

Spine alignment of the back and neck are very important; if this is off at all you may experience a lot of pain in your neck and upper back. One sign that your spine is misaligned is if your head tends to lean forward from your neck. This is a common problem and can cause a lot of pain.

This problem of spine alignment actually is in the neck; it can be made worse by common activities, such as reading the newspaper or a book, even working at your computer can cause this condition to worsen. One of the reasons that this condition is so common is that the head leans forward almost naturally due to the fact that it is heavy.

The head is suppose to be aligned over the shoulders and if it isn’t it can cause a problem with spine alignment. If your head tends to lean forward, you will have to lift it by arching the neck and this tends to put a lot of strain on the spine. If this goes on for a long period of time you will run the risk of developing arthritis, plus it does put a lot more wear and tear on your spine.

In addition to causing a problem with spine alignment, this condition can also restrict blood flow, which will cut the oxygen to the tissues. Along with these problems, this condition can also contribute to other health issues, including temporomandibular joint disorder, plus it can cause headaches, muscle pain, as well as bone spurs.

If you do become aware that you are leaning your head forward and want to prevent a problem with spine alignment, you’ll need to do something to start correcting the your posture. Make it a habit to lift your mid back around your ribcage, along with your shoulders. At the same time you will need to make a conscious effort to put your head in a position to where it sets directly over your shoulders.

As soon as you straighten your posture you will notice that there is less tension in your neck and shoulder blades. You can also do some exercises to help train your body to keep your head and spine in the right position. To learn about the best exercises to accomplish this you might have to visit a physical therapist.

Another option to correct spine alignment problems is to visit a chiropractor. Due to the fact that chiropractors practice spinal alignment without the aid of surgery or pharmaceuticals in most cases, it is a far less expensive alternative for treating spinal problems. In most cases a chiropractor can adjust the spine and relieve pain, by manipulating the spine and joints.

Some people have also found that massage therapy can help with bad spine alignment. In some cases tense muscles can actually cause your spine to be out of place because of the tension put on it by your muscles. With massage you can relieve this tension and allow the spine to realign itself. It is also a good idea to combine massage with chiropractic treatment for better results.

If you find that you are having a lot of pain and discomfort in your neck and upper back, you may have a problem with your spine alignment. Try practicing better posture, but if this doesn’t provide you with relief you might need to seek some type of treatment.