Sore Ankle

How To Deal With A Sore Ankle

A sore ankle can be caused by a number of reasons.  Swelling, sprain, exercise, pregnancy, arthritis or simply stepping down on it the wrong way can cause mild to severe discomfort.  Of course, a sprain is the most common cause which is always accompanied with an abundance of swelling and pain.  This occurs when at least one ligament is partially or fully torn and at least 85 percent of sprains occur to the lateral aspect of the area.

Edema can also cause a sore ankle due to an enlargement in an organ that is the result of excess fluid accumulation in the tissues.  Although this will often occur at the site of the organ, it can also be seen elsewhere in the body and the ankles are often targeted if your system is not properly circulating fluid.

Treating Sore And Swollen Ankles

An orthopedic doctor or podiatrist should examine a severe sprain or injury.  They may require an X-ray to be taken to rule out the possibility of a broken bone.  Doctors will always recommend rest, ice, compression, elevation (RICE) for a sore ankle.

If symptoms persist and the RICE method is not helping, you need to see your primary medical care provider.  There is a chance that it could be due to kidney problems, liver disease or congestive heart failure.  In the meantime, you should avoid alcohol, salt and over-the-counter medication.