Smoking In Public Places

Reasons For Banning Smoking In Public Places

There are many good reasons for banning smoking in public places.  Although some smokers may argue that it is unfair, others look at it as motivation to quit.  As more areas put bans into action, communities will continue to debate pro and con arguments.

Secondhand Smoke

One of the top reasons for banning smoking in public places is the negative health effects that secondhand smoke offers.  Although it is fine for smokers to cause harm to themselves if they choose, it is unacceptable to compromise the health of those around.

Secondhand smoke exposure has been linked with many negative health outcomes both short-term and long-term.  It is proven that the breather can see many health problems such as heart disease, cancer, breathing difficulties such as asthma, headaches and nausea.  These are some serious consequences for the innocent bystander.


The lingering horrible odor is another good reason for the ban on smoking in public places.  Although this is not necessarily harmful, it is annoying, especially in restaurants.  Even in establishments that provide designated smoking sections, they rarely have proper odor-eaters and ventilation systems to actually capture the smoke and smell before it reaches other patrons.

Cigarette smoke lingers in your hair and on your clothing.  Wearing a jacket into a smoke-filled nightclub for an hour can leave it smelling still a week later.


Smoking in public places leads to millions of pieces of litter every year.  Of course, some smokers are considerate and dispose properly of their waste while others feel that the immediate world around them is not only their ashtray but their garbage can as well.  On top of littering their cigarette butts that take many years to break down, if some poor bird or animal doesn't eat them first, they also litter cigarette packages, wrappings, gum and candy wrappers wherever they see fit.  Sadly, most establishments offer a garbage can about every four feet yet for whatever reason, they go unnoticed.

Smoking In The Work Place

It is not fair for non-smokers who work in bars, restaurants and factories that allow smoking to have to deal with smell and pollution.  While it is easy to say that bartenders and servers should work somewhere else if they don't like it, of course, they have to go where the money is and where jobs are available.  Not to mention, have you ever noticed how in some places of employment such as these, smokers take a large amount of cigarette breaks while the non-smokers seem to be left behind doing the bulk of the work?  It is harder for a non-smoker to go and simply get another job than it should be for a smoker to control their urges for a few hours.


The Pros Of Smoking Bans

The pros of banning smoking in public places more than outweigh the cons.  The longer that businesses allow smoking, the longer their employees and non-smoking patrons will have to suffer.  Many places feel they will lose business if their smokers can't enjoy a cigarette but what they don't think about is how many more customers may come out once their health is no longer being jeopardized.

People have the right to smoke and they should not be frowned on by others.  Smoking does not define the person they are and nearly everyone has their own habit.  However, their smoking should not affect anyone else including strangers, friends, family members and pets.  If you are a smoker, think twice before you light up while driving around with your dog in your car.  Animals are innocent and can develop cancer and respiratory issues from your habit as easily as a human can.