Signs Of Insecurity

Top 10 Signs Of Insecurity

It is quite easy to pick up on signs of insecurity in some people while in others it may be a little trickier.  One of the greatest challenges is to be comfortable in your own skin.  It is proven that the more secure you are, the more successful you are with both personal and professional relationships.



Nearly everyone has gone through some type of insecurity because it is close to impossible to live completely free of doubt.  Confidence is typically a gradual process that usually comes with wisdom and age however, not everyone finds it.

Insecurity Can Be Destructive

While no one is perfect, it is usually easy to spot signs of insecurity in the least confident people.  Extreme insecurity is generally depicted by a constant obsession to have approval from others.  When someone has this level of doubt in themselves it can be very destructive and often the root of many problems.

Insecure people often become overly selfish which is primarily seen in men.  A selfish person will often try to find security by being surrounded by possessions that gain attention.  On the opposite end of the spectrum, insecure women will often become incredibly over accommodating.  These people gain approval of those around them by constantly going out of their way for them.

Signs Of Insecurity

  1. Hatred Of Silence – People that are insecure have a very hard time dealing with silence.  They will avoid reflecting on themselves by filling voids with meaningless conversation which is typically annoying to those around.
  1. Defensiveness – Traditionally, insecure people are sensitive to critique and get very defensive over it.  Secure people can handle criticism and they enjoy hearing ways that they can improve.
  1. Self-Promotion – This is one of those signs of insecurity that you can pick up on when you meet someone for the first time.  These are the individuals that feel the need to prove themselves to those around.  Confident people have no need to go out of their way to promote themselves. They know that their qualities shine through naturally and they do not require validation from anyone.
  1. Class Clown – While it is nice to have a sense of humor, an excessive joker is often unaware of where the line is drawn for appropriate behavior.  Jokes are always funnier when told by a confident person.
  1. Competitive – Being a little competitive is healthy however being overly competitive is a problem.  If someone cannot stand to lose, they lack confidence.  Confident people lose with grace which offers respect to their opponent.
  1. Bullying - One of the oddest signs of insecurity is being a bully.  Many people think that someone who has a bullying nature is extremely confident however, the truth is, they are some of the most insecure people and because they feel threatened by others, they feel that they have to be a bully.
  1. Bossy – There is nothing worse than an insecure person in a position of power because they take their frustrations out on their subordinates.  These people will often scream and ridicule others for absolutely no reason.
  1. Materialistic – Individuals that are insecure usually feel the need to surround themselves with flashy items to feel like they are more important.  A person that is secure has no reason to show off because it doesn't matter to them what others think about their belongings.
  1. Overly Sexual – Many women that are insecure learn that if they flaunt their sexuality it will get them a lot of attention and this eventually defines the person that they are.  Women that are secure do not require constant validation.
  1. Jealousy – An insecure person is always scared that their significant other is going to leave them.  Secure people trust their partners and do not depend on them to be happy.