Side Effects Of Obesity

Top 10 Side Effects Of Obesity

The side effects of obesity are felt mentally, physically and emotionally.  This one health issue can cause an endless list of aches, pains, illnesses and serious diseases.  In fact, according to 2010 reports from the Stanford Hospital, obesity causes at least 300,000 deaths in the United States every year.  This doesn't even account for the rest of the world, although, it is reported that the United States is the most overweight country on the planet.

Side effects of obesity go well beyond weight-related health problems.  It causes low self-esteem and results in individuals feeling the need to withdrawal from social situations.  Obesity is a cause for suicide, especially in teenagers.

If you can't lose the weight on your own, see your medical care provider, hire a personal trainer or speak to a psychologist.  This is a disease and you should not be embarrassed to ask for help with.  Below are the most common side effects of obesity that you need to be aware of.

  1. Diabetes – It is no coincidence that the rise of obesity and explosion in diabetes have grown together.  The more fat tissues that you have, the less sensitive you are to insulin.  Also, fat cells release specific proteins that result in type 2 diabetes developing.  The protein that enters your bloodstream from your fat cells eventually becomes desensitized to insulin so your pancreas becomes overworked to the point of slowing down or stopping altogether.
  1. Cancer – It has been proven that cancer is more common in overweight individuals.  Evidence is the strongest for cancer of the endometrium, post-menopausal breast cancer, kidney and gall bladder cancer.
  1. Heart Attack – In recent years, obesity has beat out smoking to become the leading cause for premature heart attacks.  It is suggested that average age for a heart attack in lean individuals is 74.6 years of age while in obese people, the age drops down to 58.7.
  1. High Blood Pressure – One of the most common side effects of obesity is high blood pressure. Obesity presents a significant increase in blood volume and cardiac output.  It causes the re-absorption of salt and water by the kidney which results in the elevated blood pressure.
  1. Joint Pain – Your joints carry all of the weight of your body so it really should be no surprise that if they are forced to carry extra weight, they will become overworked and ache.  Even very small amounts of weight loss can provide a substantial amount of joint pain relief.
  1. Mood and Anxiety Disorders – Due to a heightened level of obesity, studies report that there has also been a gigantic increase in major depression, anxiety disorder, panic disorders and bipolar disorders.  The highest connection of mood and obesity combinations are seen in college educated individuals who are under 29 years of age and are non-Hispanic whites.
  1. Stroke – One of the most serious side effects of obesity is stroke.  This brain attack can cause life-threatening damage due to the interrupted supply of blood.  An elevated body mass index narrows your arteries which can lead to clotting.  This can then result in a stroke.
  1. Acne – Obesity and acne go together like peanut butter and jelly.  Diets that are rich in sugar and fatty foods can cause excessive amounts of sebum being trapped in the follicles of your skin.  Acne can cause permanent discoloration and scarring.
  1. Infertility – Obesity causes an increase in estrogen which results in a hormonal imbalance that interferes with ovulation.  Approximately 15 percent of ovulatory disorders that cause female infertility are linked to obesity.  Also, high estrogen levels can result in the growth of pre-cancerous formations in the uterus.
  1. Breathing Problems – While some people think that asthma and bronchitis are side effects of obesity, this is actually not true.  However, obesity does reduce breathing capabilities which can aggravate asthma attacks and worsen bronchitis symptoms.  Severely obese individuals often suffer from obesity hypoventilation syndrome because their blood contains toxic carbon dioxide levels.