Siberian Ginseng Benefits

The Many Benefits Of Siberian Ginseng

Traditional Chinese medicine has made use of the many benefits of Siberian ginseng for quite a long time.  While it has been proven to treat menopausal complaints, fight fatigue, boost the immune system and increase concentration, it is now suggested that it also helps with side effects caused by chemotherapy and radiation.


Individuals suffering from chemotherapy side effects are certainly spreading the word about the benefits of Siberian ginseng but studies have not officially confirmed the effectiveness.  Other individuals suggest that the herb supports the immune system however, no studies have proved this theory either.

The benefits of Siberian ginseng that have been fully evaluated including boosting concentration levels and memory, treating fatigue and suppressing Herpes Simplex Virus outbreaks.  According to the medical center at the University of Maryland, Siberian Ginseng has been proven beneficial in many Herpes Simplex Virus patients.

This is not all of the benefits of Siberian ginseng though.  Just because drug companies have not approved its long list of healthy effects doesn't mean they aren't there.  In fact, the “Prescription for Herbal Healing” book written by Robert Rister and Phyllis A. Balch in 2002 offers the information that around the world, athletes have been using this herb for strength, maintaining health, endurance and recovering from workouts for a very long time.

Brain Function

Chinese medicine has been using Siberian ginseng for many years to improve memory.  For this reason, alternative medicine practitioners have suggested use of this herb for Alzheimer's patients.

Immune System

Even though it has not been made official that Siberian ginseng improves your immune system, a 2001 study proves that it certainly looks as though it does.  The extract inhibited replication of many viruses under laboratory observation.  Evidence strongly suggests that the herb can decrease cold and flu symptoms.  It is being studied to be used as an HIV treatment.  It has also been suggested that Siberian ginseng has an anti-inflammatory effect which is good news for arthritis sufferers.


One of the most hopeful benefits of Siberian ginseng is that in laboratory settings, it has been known to shrink cancer cells.  So far, no animal studies have been performed to prove that this will work outside of the laboratory.


Siberian ginseng, without a doubt, increases energy levels.  It can improve physical stamina when participating in sports or simply completing day to day activities.  It is also suggested that is can be used to treat chronic fatigue syndrome.


Dosage And Side Effects

The main reason why the many benefits of Siberian ginseng have not been officially recognized is due to the question of dosage as well as the side effects.  Dosage is highly dependent on the reason you are taking the supplement as well as your body's personal chemistry.

Most people begin with a 500 mg capsule of the powdered root and then this is increased if their body accepts and tolerates it.  Since it has energy producing qualities, it can cause insomnia and nervousness in some people.  Always take Siberian ginseng in the morning so your body has time to burn off the energy before you go to bed.

Additionally, it can cause irregular heart rate, headache and high blood pressure so you should always begin with a very low dosage so you know how your body will react.

Siberian ginseng is available in pill, capsule or powdered form.  Most recommendations suggest not taking it for longer than eight weeks at a time, allowing your body a two week break before using it again.  Talk with your doctor before taking this or any other herb if you are currently on any type of medication.