Shaving Tips For Men

Top 10 Helpful Shaving Tips For Men

Unless you enjoy wearing a full face of hair or walking around with cuts all over your face, you can probably benefit from a few helpful shaving tips for men.  Although shaving does have its advantages in the workplace and with your personal life, taking part in this daily ritual can cause unwanted burns, dry skin and razor rashes.  If you are suffering from irritation or a less than perfect shave, here are 10 shaving tips for men that will get you smooth and get you noticed.

  1. Water Temperature – You should always wet stubble with very warm or even hot water prior to shaving. The heat and the water combined, work together to swell the hair shafts which enables the blade to easily cut the hair instead of your skin.
  1. Timing Is Everything – Whenever possible, avoid taking the razor to your face at the very beginning of your morning.  Your face needs time to wake up and allow the fluids that have collected through the night in your skin to recede.  This will allow you to get a much closer shave.
  1. Sharp Blades Only – One of the most basic shaving tips for men is to only use a sharp blade every single time.  Unfortunately, this is still something that gets overlooked.  Dull blades catch your skin while they are dragged across your face which results in a lot of avoidable cuts.
  1. Shave With The Grain – This means to shave the way that the hair grows out of your skin, not against it.  When you shave against the hair growth, rashes, redness, ingrown hairs and razor burns are often the result, all of which are irritating and painful.
  1. Exfoliation – Contrary to what you might think, exfoliation is not just for women.  When you use a scrub or gritty facial cleanser to eradicate your dead skin cells, you also open your skin's pores so it is more prepared for a close shave without irritation.

  1. Shaving Cream – You want to make sure that you thoroughly massage the shaving cream into your facial stubble.  An aloe vera and vitamin based cream will offer a more soothing shave while protecting against razor burns and rashes.
  1. Rinse And Repeat – One of the more important shaving tips for men that often gets ignored is to rinse the blade with hot water and use short, slow strokes.  Simply shaking the blade does not release the hairs and all of the shaving cream and this build up can cause cuts to happen.
  1. Skip The SLS – Most commercial shaving creams contain the ingredient sodium laurel sulfate which is a foaming agent.  Despite what you may believe, foam is not necessary for a close shave.  SLS is not only a harmful ingredient; it is also an irritant that causes a long list of skin and health problems.  You may want to go ahead and check the labels of you soap and shampoo as well to see if they need replacing.
  1. Beware Of Menthol – Shaving products that contain menthol ingredients can be extremely irritating and damaging to your skin.  Just because they provide a cool sensation does not mean that they are good for your skin or even necessary.  If you follow the other shaving tips for men, you should not need a cool relief after you shave.
  1. Moisturize – Rather than splash alcohol on your face, soothe your skin with an oil-free moisturizer.  Most after shaves sting and dry out your skin which may feel good temporarily but they can really irritate your complexion and they definitely do not do anything to improve the quality of your skin.