Shaving Irritation

How To Treat And Prevent Shaving Irritation

Shaving irritation is quite a common problem in both women and men.  Along with being pretty unsightly, especially on the face, it can also be painful and itchy.  Of course, what makes things worse is since it is usually not an option to allow the hair to grow freely while it heals, you generally keep worsening the situation.  The good news, is, you don't have to deal with shaving irritation another day because there are ways to both prevent and treat it.


Folliculitis, razor bumps, barber's itch or shaving irritation, regardless what you call the problem, they all have the same causes.  In most cases, where the hair that has been shaved and is beginning to grow back, it will cause a rash.  For whatever reason, the hair decides to curve inward which irritates the surrounding skin.  This will result in a lump forming that simply worsens if you try to shave the hair again because the razor will often slice off a part of the lump.

Another cause can be due to bacterial infection which also can worsen significantly when shaved over.  Many cases of shaving irritation are directly caused from a fungal infection.  People who most often experience these concerns are those with course or curly hair.  Folliculitis appears most often on the face, armpits and pubic area but it can happen anywhere.  Serious cases often resemble acne.


Bumps from shaving irritation usually clear up by themselves but there are a few things that you can do to ease your discomfort.


It is always better to prevent shaving irritation when possible rather than deal with treating it later.