Shaving Body Hair

Tips for Shaving Body Hair

Shaving body hair is no longer just for swimmers these days.  A generation ago, the only time you would really hear about people shaving their body hair was when they were involved in some sort of a sports activity like the swim team.  (In Fact, it was common for whole swim teams to get together for shaving parties, during a certain freedom-loving period in the late eighties).  These days, however, that sleek dolphin-like look has become an aesthetic that has gained popularity in the mainstream, so that it is no longer uncommon to have someone not only shave their pits and legs, but their skulls, their chests, their backs, and even their private areas as have been hilariously satirized in several comedies.

Lines of Vision and Proper Equipment

If you are going to shave your own body, you will want to make sure that you can see the area you are shaving well.  For most parts of the body this is not a problem since most mirrors will let you adequately see them.  However, anything on the dorsal area of the body can be both hard to reach and difficult to see.  If you intend on shaving your back, you are probably best advised to draft a close friend to assist you, or, if you want to spare your friend the torture, go to a professional.

You should also make sure that you have the proper equipment and aides.  For certain delicate areas, you will want to use the proper kind of razor and the right kind of shaving cream or gel.  You should test the shaving cream in small amounts on the area before attempting to shave it, just to make sure that this area doesn’t have any kind of reaction to the shaving cream.

In some cases, you will need scissors in order to prepare the way before you shave.  Certain places on the body you simply want to avoid shaving.  Use scissors for nose hairs and tweezers for ear hair (if you can take the sharp pain).  Always be careful when use sharp objects near the body that you do not lose your balance or otherwise use these instruments in a dangerous or foolhardy manner.

When and How to Shave Body Hair

Shaving body hair is best performed after you have been awake for at least half an hour and when you do not have any other commitments to get to rushing you.  (You should be especially cautious the first time that you attempt to shave a new spot.  The reason to wait after sleep is because of the condition of your skin after having slept a full night—skin will tend to have a fuller feeling that may lead to more cuts.

It is also a good idea shaving body hair after you have taken a shower, so that you are thoroughly clean.  Apply a gel or shaving cream before you begin and make sure that you have lotion or Vitamin #E ready in case things don’t quite work out.

Always proceed with caution while shaving places you are not thoroughly comfortable working on.  Be sure to dispose of razors at the first sign that they are becoming dull so you avoid the kind of nicks that can really make movement uncomfortable.

Post-Shaving Instructions

When you are done with your shaving, you should also be sure to apply either Vitamin E or another kind of skin moisturizing lotion so that you reduce the risk that your shaved area will become irritated.

If you follow these procedures, you can soon be gliding through life feeling as smooth as a dolphin.