Sea Kelp Weight Loss

What You Should Know About Using Sea Kelp for Weight Loss

Recently there has been a great deal of discussion in the media and in medical blogs about using sea kelp for weight loss. If you are looking for ways to help curb your appetite and lose weight, or are simply curious about a growing trend, this article will provide you with a good amount of information regarding using sea kelp for weight loss.

Before beginning any new diet or exercise regimen, you should contact and consult with our family physician.

How Does it Work?

Sea kelp, or really any sort of seaweed, is one of the world’s “magic foods.” It is chock full of vitamins and nutrients, particularly iodine which helps your thyroid regulate your metabolic rate. This in turn affects your appetite and makes you feel fuller throughout the day. The end result is that you have a faster, more efficient metabolism and don’t have the urge to snack throughout the day.

Sea Kelp Forms

Using sea kelp for weight loss doesn’t mean that you are stuck taking pills or eating large amounts of seaweed wrapped sushi, although it’s certainly a healthy food choice. Kelp comes in many different forms on the market. Liquid supplements as well as pills are very common choices for consumers because of their convenience. They tend to be very inexpensive as well, and this is an attractive feature to many people. While pills can simply be taken with a meal and a glass of water, liquid kelp can be added to smoothies, making it a fantastically healthy way to start the day off.

Other people prefer incorporating seaweed flakes into their diet. Seaweed flakes are very salty tasting, and because of this they are a wonderful addition to salads, soups, sauces, and even a simple salt alternative. This allows them to get their salt cravings dealt with, without causing damage to their arteries or heart.

Effectiveness and Dosing

It’s important to note that results are going to vary from person to person greatly. This is for several reasons. Pills and liquid are particularly effective, although pills tend to not have as many of the vitamins present as the liquid or flakes. You should begin to see a change in your appetite within the first week or two and most people report a fair amount of weight loss after the third week. This will also be dependent on whether or not the person exercises or begins eating healthier foods as well.

Depending on what brand of pill you buy, the doses will vary as well. Some brands recommend upwards of 6 pills a day, others 3, and still other only 1. This is generally because some companies put additives in the pills, and therefore the purity is not as high as it should ideally be. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommended dose; do not exceed it under any circumstances.


The flakes are most effective at causing appetite suppression and act as a constant reminder to make healthier food choices, since the dieter will be seeking out foods that can be used in conjunction with the flakes.

Side Effects

Although sea kelp is certainly healthy, it does have a few side effects that the consumer should be aware of. In some people, sea kelp can cause looser stools. This is not a major concern, and it generally fades away as your body acclimates to the new supplement. Proper diet will also help in regards to this.

The high amount of iodine is a two-way door though. Although it is great because it helps your thyroid, it can also harm your body if you take too much. It can actually act as a poison to your system. Because of this, it is incredibly important that you do not exceed that recommended amount.