Scalp Odor

Best Ways to Solve Problems With Scalp Odor

If you suffer from chronic scalp odor, you are not alone. Scalp problems – like dandruff, dry scalp and itching – are fairly widespread, so there are a number of special products that have been designed to treat those issues. Chronic scalp odor is more uncommon so viable solutions can be hard to come by. Some people say they have dealt with scalp odors for years and have never been able to permanently fix the problem, despite trying all kinds of different soaps and shampoos. Here we have finally put together a list of the best ways to treat the problem of scalp odor.

Causes of Scalp and Body Odors
One of the reasons why treating an unusual issue like a smelly scalp can be difficult is that it is usually hard to identify the cause of the problem. Body odor can occur in many places on the body, and it is frequently caused by bacteria. Usually a good washing will wipe away any foul smells if dirt is the problem, but what if the odors in the scalp cannot simply be washed away?

First Try Specialized Shampoos and Soaps
It is not unusual for people with extremely oil hair to report that they have occasional trouble with scalp odors. In this case, washing the hair every day with a shampoo that is designed for oily hair may take the smell away. This can mean trying a bunch of brands of shampoo before you find one that works right for you, so patience is in order when it comes to healing scalp issues. There really are many excellent shampooing products on the market that can help with oily hair and reduce any odors that come from both the hair and scalp. Get sample sizes when possible and test them out for a week or two to see what works and what doesn’t.

Some Say Antibacterial Soaps and Sulfur Shampoo are Miracle Cures
Unfortunately, some scalp odors do not go away when the hair is shampooed – even when it is done every day. In some of these cases, the smell may be caused by an overgrowth of bacteria on the scalp that even frequent washing cannot curb. There are, however, reports that shampoos containing sulfur do work in really difficult cases. Some scalp odor sufferers also say that using an antibacterial body soap did the trick. Again, it is all about trying it out to see what helps.

Too Much Yeast in the Diet
There is another school of thought that thinks the odor comes from a build up of yeast or fungus, which can be caused by eating certain yeast-producing foods. There are a growing number of homeopathic healers and even some medical professionals who believe that yeast causes a number of different health problems. If you have ever heard anyone talking about a “yeast-free diet,” they are likely trying to eliminate an issue that may be caused by too much yeast in their system.

The Dermatologist May Have the Final Answer
Since scalp and body odors and other skin troubles can be difficult to diagnosis, it may be a good idea to visit a dermatologist if odors persist and do not seem to respond to home treatment and frequent washing. The dermatologist can run tests and may be able to find the reason for the chronic odors of the skin and scalp. These specialists have studied the skin and are more familiar with unusual disorders and also with the medicine or treatment that can alleviate chronic odors.