Scabs In Nose

Causes And Treatment For Scabs Inside Your Nose

One of the main causes of scabs inside your nose is dry air.  Most people experience dryness in colder weather, especially when the seasons change due to a significant lack of moisture in their nasal passage.  This dryness will often cause the skin that is inside the nose to crack and bleed.  The blood is not necessarily enough to constitute as a bloody nose but it is enough to coat the inside of your nostril which dries up and turns into a scab.

Scabs inside your nose are not only just a little uncomfortable, for many people they can become extremely painful and last for a long time.  Along with a dry nasal passage, it is not uncommon to also experience a dry throat and mouth at the same time.



Determining the cause of the scabs is very important for appropriate treatment.  It is always helpful to keep your body hydrated by drinking water throughout the day.  Some other helpful treatment methods include: