Removing Freckles

Two Tips for Removing Freckles

Removing freckles is a dilemma that people—particularly women—have been struggling with for hundreds of years. Back in the times where the aristocracy ruled the world, it was seen as improper for a person to have freckles on their skin, as this meant that they spend too much time in the sun—a trait that was often seen in servants and laborers. Although the sun can cause freckles, some of us are simply predisposed to having freckles no matter how little sunlight we are exposed to. Because of such, remedies were sought by the upper class that might be useful in removing freckles.

Obviously in this day and age there is not nearly as much importance attached to having freckles, especially when it comes to social class. However, some of us are simply unhappy with the appearance of our freckles. Freckles are very difficult to remove completely however they can be lightened or minimized so that they do not stand out as much. Let’s take a look at a few tricks that you could use to help reduce the appearance of your freckles.

Sour Milk Bath

Well, you don’t necessarily have to bathe in sour milk unless you want to treat your entire body. The idea is that the lactic acid found in aged milk causes a peeling effect on the skin without causing it to become too dry. As freckles are only found on the topmost layer of the skin, repeated applications of sour milk should lighten the freckles. Once the desired lightness is reached you can simply stop washing the skin with milk. Actually, you probably shouldn’t leave milk to spoil. Instead, use sour cream and apply it as you would clay or a facial masque. Allow it to sit for about five or ten minutes, then wipe it away with some tissue. The trick is to not wash the sour cream away, but to wipe it off so that some of the residue can be left to work its magic throughout the day. If you have dry skin you may need to apply a bit of moisturizer after wiping off the sour cream.

Lemon Juice

This secret is one that has been used throughout the ages to help lighten the appearance of freckles. Although you can cut a lemon in half and rub it against your skin, you can just as easily dip a cotton ball into a bit of lemon juice and apply it that way. Alternatively you can simply rub it on using your fingertips. After you have applied the lemon juice to your chosen area, simply kick back and let it sit for about fifteen minutes. You may find your skin a bit irritated due to the acidic nature of the lemon juice, however this sensation usually goes away as soon as the juice is rinsed away. If you have sensitive skin or a skin condition such as eczema, you may want to do a test patch in an inconspicuous area first. Rinse the lemon juice from your skin using warm water and your favorite face wash, then pat dry with a towel. After the treatment you may want to apply a good moisturizer to help replace the natural oils which get stripped away from the skin during the application. Repeat the process every day until you are satisfied with the appearance (or lack thereof) of your freckles.

 After removing freckles from your skin, you should take preventative measures to ensure that they do not return or darken. Always wear sun block whenever you plan to spend time outdoors. If you are prone to getting freckles on your face then you may want to consider wearing a foundation that contains SPF protection.