Red Freckles

All about Red Freckles

If you are light-skinned, then chances are you have had patches of red freckles.  Typically, this will happen in the summer or after exposure to the sun.  Although fair-skinned people often worry about how these will affect their appearance, many people, especially dark skinned people, find such freckles attractive, sometimes even when they are in heavy concentrations.

Health Concerns

Although you can find skin discoloration symptoms as being symptoms for everything from allergic reactions to AIDS, generally speaking if all you have are red freckles (red flat dots in concentration on the skin), then you need not worry about them being a sign of some underlying condition.  For the most part, these are common reactions in people with sensitive skin.  If, however, you are fair-skinned and experience sudden changes in skin tone or coloration that you cannot explain and that do not go away, you might make an appointment with a dermatologist to get them checked out.

Generally, if you are a fair-skinned person you want to limit your sun exposure.  The big worry, of course is skin cancer.  Studies have shown that sun bathing, tanning, and prolonged exposure to the sun significantly increase your chances of getting skin cancer.  Since fair-skinned people are already at an increased risk just by the fact that they are fair skinned, this means that you should be extra careful with your skin.  Be sure to get sun block and to use it when you will be going out in the sun.  Use the highest protection level and use it whenever you will be exposed to sunlight—even when you are just driving to work, or going to the store.  (If skin cancer runs in your family, you may want to avoid excessively sunny places and events like picnics and beaches.)

It is also a good idea to have a yearly appointment with a dermatologist so he or she can check out your skin for any changes.  This preventative measure increases the chances of catching any cancerous tumors early and is the key to a good prognosis when it comes to cancer generally.

Red Freckles—Aesthetic Concerns

If the look of your red freckles bothers you and you worry that they may be unattractive, then there are a few things that you can do to minimize their impact.  First, you can avoid the sun.  Since the most common cause of freckles is sun exposure, then limiting your exposure will reduce their severity.

Occasionally red freckles, or what look like freckles, can occur because of allergic reactions.  If you believe this is the case, you may try changing your detergent or taking an antihistamine.  These will sometimes help limit the intensity of the freckles.

In terms of cosmetics, you might try covering up the freckles by using a good foundation, but you should be careful when employing this method that you don’t make the situation worse.  Make-up and other types of cosmetic solutions can cause skin reactions as well since the chemicals in makeup are sometimes bad for skin health and since covering up the skin can trap the oils in the skin and lead to acne and a dry, unhealthy outer layer.  You can avoid this by using hypoallergenic make-up and by applying makeup lightly.  .

A search on the internet will also reveal several dubious methods of getting rid of red freckles—everything from applying milk or lemon juice, to extensive stress-reducing methods and New Age Crystals.  Most of these claim to work within a few days.  However, typically, red freckles that are not permanent will go away after a few days if you do nothing as well.

Regardless, you should also keep in mind that most people probably barely notice your red freckles and that a good portion of those who do notice them will find them pleasing rather than unpleasant.  So perhaps there are more important things to worry about than little, insignificant skin blemishes.