Reasons For Insomnia

Top 10 Reasons For Insomnia

With today's lifestyle, there are a lot of different reasons for insomnia.  While most of these influencing factors are directly caused by stress in one's professional and personal life, things such as alcohol, coffee and even a cluttered bedroom are all causes as well.  Nearly everyone at some point has suffered from some level of sleeping disorder for their own personal reasons.  Below are the top 10 reasons for insomnia that could be keeping you awake at night.

  1. Obsessing – Quite often, after you have had one or two nights of sleeplessness, you begin to obsess over lost sleep, which simply makes things worse.  The real problem starts when you begin worrying about not getting sleep because your mind is then stressed.  A good way to combat this is to take a few minutes to meditate before bed so your mind is totally clear.
  1. Caffeine – This is one of the most popular reasons for insomnia.  If are drinking coffee, tea or soda into the later portion of the afternoon or in the evening, you are just asking to stay awake. Caffeine is a brain and heart stimulant that is doing its job by speeding up your metabolism to give you energy rather than let you sleep.
  1. Alcohol – Since alcohol actually works as a sedative, it does help you fall asleep however, it robs you of your deep sleep stage.  It is in this stage when you not only dream but also completely rest so your body is refreshed.  Lack of this sleep stage can leave you feeling groggy and exhausted even if you slept 12 hours.
  1. Health Concerns – Chronic health concerns such as asthma, back injuries, arthritis or emphysema are all common reasons for insomnia.  Not only can these conditions make it difficult to fall asleep, they also keep you from staying asleep through the night.
  1. Stress and Depression – When you have concerns about work, family, friends, health or finances on your mind, you are bound to become stressed.  Traditionally, stress often leads to depression and people in this condition will often lie awake in bed worrying about these things.

  1. Smoking – It is safe to add insomnia to the long list of negative side effects that smoking creates.  Cigarettes, like caffeine, are a brain and heart stimulant that are designed to keep you awake.
  1. Exercise – If you are not getting enough exercise everyday to burn your energy, your body will have no desire to sleep when it comes time to at night.  Quite often, simply going for a walk after dinner is all that your body needs to burn a few extra calories, clear your mind and enable you to sleep better.
  1. Television – This is one of the most common reasons for insomnia, primarily in men.  If you are lying there channel surfing for hours, you are wasting valuable sleep time.  For those that are capable of falling asleep with the volume turned completely up, there is a good chance that your mind is either unable to stay asleep or fully relax enough to enter your deep sleep state.
  1. Clutter – Interestingly, if you have a very cluttered room, it could cause insomnia.  Think of every object in your room having its own energy and then think about how much cluttered energy is in your room.  This actually can affect your sleeping pattern.  Studies have been done on insomnia patients cleaning the room until it is simplistic and then being able to fall and stay asleep.
  1. Diet – Too much and too little food are both reasons for insomnia.  Of course, eating too late and making unhealthy dietary choices will keep you up at night however, being malnourished does the same thing.  Your body needs proper nutrients to relax so if you need a late night snack, choose a piece of fruit that offers nutrients and is easily digested.