Preparing For Birth

Short Guide to Preparing for Birth

Preparing for birth can be a complicated process for soon to be parents.  There are certain things that you can do however, to smooth this process along.  What you want to keep in mind is that in those first days after the birth there will be a period of adjustments as both mommy and daddy get used to their new roles.  So what can you do to ease this process along?

Have your Birth Bag Packed and Ready to Go

Although it is rare for couples to go rushing out the door like they do in virtually every film featuring a birth—you still are better off being completely prepared to go, just in case there is some kind of an emergency.  It is a good idea to have the hospital bag packed with changes of clothes and everything else that you will need when you are at the hospital.  Although you are likely to have time, the excitement and nervousness that surround a first birth may keep you from thinking clearly on that faithful day.

When you have the hospital bag packed, keep it by the front door starting within a week of your due date.

Prepare the Baby Room

One of the best activities when preparing for birth is to beginning decorating the baby’s room.  This is a good time for daddy to put the crib together and for both parents to paint and arrange the room for the day when they bring the new little addition to the family back with them.

The benefits of these activities are not just for the baby, but for the parents too since often daddy will start to feel left out with all the attention going to mommy and the baby.  Working together on baby’s room can help both parents to bond and to feel as if they are in it together.

Financial Preparations

There are also long-term plans that one can make when preparing for birth.  Ideally, you want to plan exactly when you are going to have your first child.  You have to remember that there are complicated financial implications to having children.  You will need to save for their college, for the birth expenses and for all of the extra things that go into having children from clothing and food to extra medical costs.  It is a good idea to develop a long-term plan and to start working towards it even before a you become pregnant.

You must also remember that in the first year after the birth, mom may need to leave the workforce, which means that dad must either have a strong enough job to provide for both or savings have to be put away to prepare for the diminished incomes that you will be taking in as a couple. The smart thing to do might be to consult a financial planner who can help you develop a solid financial plan in advance of the birth.

Getting Support

Another important thing that you can do before the due date rolls around is to enlist the help of close friends and especially relatives to help on those first few days.  If, for example, you already have kids, you will probably want to get someone whom you know can help watch them so that dad can be with you in the delivery room.

In addition, if you do have kids you will want to find ways to keep them involved in the process as well, otherwise they may start to feel ignored and resentful.  If they are at the proper age, they can help to build the crib or paint the walls of the baby room for example.

All these little steps will help to ease the transition of the first few days of having baby home with you.