Phlegm Treatment

Is Your Body In Need Of A Phlegm Treatment?

If you find yourself coughing up some not so appealing substance, you may be in need of some type of phlegm treatment.  Technically, this “stuff” is actually mucus but once it becomes visible and congealed, it is then considered phlegm.  This product that belongs to your mucous membranes is good for you because it is there to attempt to fight off infection.

Phlegm should not be confused with other types of mucus either.  Unlike the mucus that comes from your nasal passages, phlegm comes directly from your lungs.  However, it is important to note that common cold, flu and sinusitis symptoms are often due to phlegm build up, as is post nasal drip.

What Does All This Phlegm Mean?

If you find yourself coughing up a little or a lot of colored phlegm, this is typically a sign that you have a bronchial infection and you need a phlegm treatment.  If you phlegm is green, brown or yellow, your body is trying to fight a infection however, if it is gray or dark brown, your body is expelling resins or tars from smoking or from inhaling a massive amount of dust.

Natural Home Remedies

If you are coughing up phlegm of any color, you need to see a doctor but below are a few natural home remedies that will help until you can make it to your appointment.

Other Treatments