Pedicure For Men

A Quick Guide to Pedicure for Men

You can’t really imagine John Wayne or Clint Eastwood getting a pedicure.  For men of a generation ago or earlier the very idea would only have come up as part of some sort of a joke.  Younger men in Gen Y, however, don’t seem to have the same insecurities about their masculinity as their parent’s generation.  It is no longer so uncommon to have a younger man go to get his nails done.  This is especially common among what are called “metro-sexuals,” guys who pay special attention to their grooming and appearance.  It has only been about a decade or so, since men started openly to get manicures and pedicures and men still tend to keep it to themselves, but the beauty industry—seeing a chance for doubling their market--has expanded as men’s roles in society have expanded.  Now, not only is it not so unusual to hear about men getting manicures and pedicures, but also some men are even getting their nails polished and colored just like women.  They even wear open toed shoes to highlight their style.

Therefore, if you’re a guy who has a hankering to join in the fun, here are some tips for how to get your feet wet (and clean, and polished, and maybe even decorated).

Look for Salons that Specifically Cater to Men

Although there is not much of a difference between male nails and female, it is generally a good idea to find a salon that normally does men.  It is unlikely that a place will turn your business away just because you are a male, but some beautician, having had little experience dealing with men may be uncomfortable and make you uncomfortable as well.  If you find a nail salon that actually advertises to men or includes men in their description of services, you may find yourself more at home, sitting back reading a copy of Sports Illustrated and talking about your dinner plans rather than listening to cricket while you leaf through the latest issue of Glamour.

Prepare your Feet

This may be obvious, but guys often forget to plan.  A pedicure for men requires that someone to be up close to your feet and the last thing that you want is to have a bad odor fill the nail salon.  You will need to plan on your salon day.  Try to schedule your visit for early in the morning so that you haven’t had your feet trapped in side of your shoes while you run around at work all day.  If that is not possible, stop by your house and rinse your feet off before you go to the salon or at least air your feet out on the drive over.

Don’t play a pick-up game of basketball right before heading over and take one of the tricks that gals use, put some baby powder in your show to keep it smelling fresh and pleasant.

Know When to Show your Toes

Not everyone is completely okay with the whole pedicure for men thing, so you should pick your spots to show your toes—especially if you have them polished into a special color.  Wearing opened toed shoes when you’re out with friends is no big deal—if they can’t handle your sense of style that is their problem not yours, but in a work situation you need to use more discretion.  You should be especially careful if you deal with older people on a regular basis.  They may not find your polished fingernails to be quite as cool as you do, and their judgments may undermine their confidence in your abilities.  Therefore, you should be sure to keep your little piggies under wraps at work.