How to Dress a Pear Shaped Body

Women with a pear shaped body can sometimes find it difficult to choose clothing that won’t draw attention to their heavy curvature in the mid/lower region. Women who sport the “pear shape” are said to resemble this particular fruit because the upper body tapers in slightly and flares out at the hips and thighs. Although the pear shaped figure is beautiful and no doubt a great representation of the classic womanly figure, many women still find it difficult to choose clothing that compliments the hip area rather than making it appear larger and heavier when compared to the upper body.

If you have a pear shaped figure then you can probably sympathize, especially when many of today’s fashions are implementing heavier looking bottoms, such as patterned skirts and pants. –But you don’t have to feel left out of the fashion world! Look below for some great tips on dressing to flatter a pear shaped body.


The best tops to compliment a pear shaped body are those that draw attention away from the hips by setting off your thin waist and adding a bit of “weight” to balance out your top portion. Tops that have detail around the collar and shoulders, such as flowers and other embellishments are an excellent option. Also, don’t be afraid to go for less ordinary styles such as boat neck and square-cut tops. The ever-popular peasant style blouses and tunics are brilliant for the pear shaped woman because they often involve detail at the collar such as pleating, ruffles, or lacey overlay. If you can also find one that has a cinched or drawstring waist then this would be even better as it will enhance your thin waist and draw attention to your curvature.

Sporting the pear shape, you are lucky that you can pull off virtually any fabric, even the heavy weight cable knitting if you like. The more volume you add to your top half, the more balance you will bring to your generous hips and derriere. If, like some women, you have generous hips and high or square shoulders then you may want to stay away from tops that can make you look too bulky, particularly baby-doll tees and boat-necks.


Choosing the right bottoms for your pear shaped body can be distressing if you aren’t sure what to look for. Although skinny jeans are all the rage at the moment, they probably aren’t going to be the best fit for you, as they can draw too much attention to your hips and bottom. Wide legged pants, such as plain trousers, are an excellent option because they give the appearance that your legs are proportionate from the hip to the ankle. Flared, boot cut, and straight legged bottoms are also a fantastic option for your curvy body type. Avoid short shorts as these tend to make the backside, hips, and thighs look all the more curvy and are best suited for individuals who want to enhance this area rather than draw attention away from it. For spring and summer you may find that the best bottoms will be capri or three-quarters-length pants as well as longer shorts, such as Bermuda shorts, which will make your midsection appear longer and slimmer. 

If you love a nice, girly dress then you’re in luck because the pear shaped body is one of the best figures for sweet and feminine styled dresses. Avoid short dresses. The ideal length of the skirt should hit anywhere from the upper knee area to the middle part of your shin. Although you can certainly wear maxi dresses and skirts, they will likely “waste” your lovely curves by hiding everything from your waist downward. The best dress cuts for your body type are A-line and empire dresses, which draw attention to the bust and the slimness of one’s waist while adding a perfect amount of flair to smooth out your hips and bottom without hiding them completely.

Any dress that accentuates your slim waistline is a good choice—even it is a fitted dress. Many celebrities, such as Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Hayden Panettiere, and Kelly Clarkson, have pear shaped bodies and are able to wear dresses that hug the hip and bottom area because they choose dresses that are well balanced. Even a tight “tube” style dress can flatter a pear shaped figure because the waist is hugged and accentuated and there is heavy attention drawn to the breast area. Wrap styles or dresses with scrunched sides are also great options.


Accessories are a great way to accentuate your pear shaped body without the need to foot the bill for an entirely new wardrobe! Jazz up a loose sweater with a thick belt at the waist or knot a scarf at your neck to add some volume to a pain t-shirt. Long, chunky necklaces add volume and dimension to your upper body and can provide a pleasant distraction. Hats and earrings will draw attention to your head and face, and also give you a taller appearance. Sunglasses and even a chunky scarf or headband in your hair can have the same effect—plus they are cheap enough that you can get several different colors and styles to last you through the week.