More Information On Pain In The Right Arm

Pain In Right Arm Usually Not Serious

If you're experiencing pain in right arm and nowhere else, the chances are it is nothing terribly serious. If you're experiencing pain or numbness elsewhere, say your neck, chest, or right leg, the situation could be more serious. Often, if a shooting pain is involved, the first thought that can come to mind is "heart attack". That of course is a possibility, but 95% of the time, if not more, it is the left arm that will be involved. No pain should be completely ignored; it's a sign that something is amiss, although as we've just said, it's usually nothing serious.



Pain In Right Arm Is Common - You can experience this kind of pain fairly easily. Just bowl a dozen games when you haven't done that in 10 years, or throw a baseball for an hour, which you haven't done since high school. Chances are the next day you'll experience a dull throbbing pain in your right arm (assuming you're right handed). Overuse of muscles that haven't been kept in tune is the most common cause of arm pain. You don't have to be tossing a ball around either. Raking the fall leaves, or shoveling the first heavy snow fall can do the same thing to you. It's your lead arm, usually the right arm, that is going to complain. When you think about it, most of the pain you've ever experienced has either been in your arms or legs, and backing off, resting, and maybe taking an Aleve or aspirin, is all you've ever needed to do.

You can be in excellent condition and still suffer arm pain, even if what you are doing is something you do a lot of. Tennis elbow, and its counterpart, golfer's elbow, are cases in point. Here an injury is caused by overuse and not lack of use. Repetitious motion, especially rapid or violent motion, will stress tissues and joints, resulting in inflammation and minuscule tears in the tendons of the arm and wrist. It's usually the elbow which is overused, but pain, normally confined to the forearm, can be felt in the entire arm and wrist in severe cases.

Pain In Right Arm And Neck - Sometimes this combination can be indicative of a heart attack, but again, it is usually the left arm that is involved. Pain in the arm and neck can simply be due to a stressed or overused muscle in the neck or shoulder area, but it can also be a condition call a muscle spasm, which should be looked at, as there is always the possibility of a problem with the spinal cord. Neck and arm pain, especially if a throbbing pain is felt in the shoulder as well, might mean you are suffering from a herniated cervical disk. Heat or medication is usually the prescribed treatment, but if such symptoms come on very suddenly, without apparent cause, you should see your doctor.

Right-handed people will occasionally experience pain in right arm and wrist at the same time. Tennis elbow can be a cause of this, especially if gripping something is painful. If the pain is especially noticeable when flexing the wrist, and is accompanied by numbness in the hand or arm, Carpal Tunnel syndrome may be the cause. Ibuprofen is often the first line of defense, but resting the wrist in a splint, or surgery, may eventually be necessary.

Any time pain in the arm is accompanied by swelling, there exists the possibility of either fracture, a sprain, or infection. If the pain persists, and the swelling does as well, you need to see you doctor. If you see a redness and especially a red streak anywhere on your arm, see a doctor right away. The redness could be a sign of serious infection.

Pain In Right Arm And Leg - In this situation, whether you are experiencing pain or numbness, or both, if both limbs on the same side are affected, the possibility of stroke is very high and you should seek treatment immediately. It could always be nothing more than plain old sore muscles, but when both an arm and a leg, especially on the same side, are affected, the situation is nothing to fool with. A similar situation exists if you have pain in right arm and chest at the same time. This could be a sign of a heart attack. Pain in the chest, or a crushing pressure, is really the key, but if accompanied by shooting pains in the right arm, it may mean angina and a possible blockage. Just like a stroke-like symptom, don't ignore it, see your doctor.

 As you go continue through life, you're going to experience pain in your right arm numerous times. By now you probably know what you can safely ignore or tolerate, and what you can't. If the pain comes on suddenly, and you can't think of a good reason why it's there, it's probably a good idea to call the doctor's office.