Overweight Test

The Health Risks Involved With A High Overweight Test Result

Taking an overweight test is a good way to really check and see how healthy you actually are.  A lot of people think that they are overweight but they really aren't while others clearly are overweight and unhealthy but are in denial.  However, it is important to realize that just because you are not the same size as your favorite supermodel does not meant that you even should be.

Everyone has an ideal weight that they should aim to be at and everyone should have some amount of body fat.  The average woman should actually have between 18 and 25 percent body fat to be considered healthy and a man should fall between 10 and 18 percent.

Calculating Your Body Mass Index

A popular overweight test to take is the Body Mass Index (BMI) test.  This is used by athletes, doctors and virtually anyone that just wants to determine if they are overweight or not.

Although there are many BMI calculators that you can use where you simply add your weight and height, it is helpful to understand what exactly this overweight test is calculating to come up with your body mass index.  To manually calculate your BMI you will:

  1. Multiply your weight by 703.
  1. Multiply your height in inches by your height in inches.
  1. Divide the number that you got in step one by the number you came up with in step two.

Health Risks

If you have taken the overweight test and your body mass index is higher than it should be, you should know that it is not just your appearance that is suffering.  You are putting your health at serious risk as well.