Organic Tea Tree Oil

Organic Tea Tree Oil:  A Little Dab Will Do

Originating from the northeastern coast of Australia, organic tea tree oil is rapidly infusing itself into main stream beauty products around the world.  Cosmetic company moguls such as Paul Mitchell and Trader Joe’s have begun to cash in on the product, creating entire lines steeped in the soft golden liquid.

How is Organic Tea Tree Oil Made?

Used to treat everything from acne to split ends, this lubricative and lucrative extraction is distilled from Melaleuca alternifolia trees through a process of boiling, then condensing the vapors emitted.  A less common, but simpler method of accessing tea tree oil was found by native Australians who simply applied whole leaves to cuts, scratches, and other wounds.

What are the Benefits of Organic Tea Tree Oil?

As previously mentioned, tea tree oil is a natural product that health and beauty companies have flipped for, but why?  The answer is simple.  Tea tree oil is an amazing source of both medical and aesthetic benefits.  Here is a quick list of qualities making the oil so popular:

Antiseptic:  Not only can tea tree oil fight off skin infections caused by viruses and bacteria such as Staph infection and acne, small amounts of the product can be used in mouth wash to prevent and kill bad breath germs.

Antifungal:  Pests like head lice and scabies don’t stand a chance against tea tree oil treatments and even dandruff disappears with minimal applications to the scalp.  And, while not yet proven on humans, tea tree oil has been noted to have the added ability of killing both yeast infection and athlete’s foot.

Sensory Experience:  Because tea tree oil has an aroma and cooling quality similar to camphor, using the product offers consumers an invigorating personal hygiene experience.

Where Can I Get Organic Tea Tree Oil?

Because the product is so well liked, finding it is fairly simple.  Most salons and spas carry name brand health and beauty aids infused with tea tree oil and multiple online sites offer reduced price sales.  Tea tree oil can also be bought through most health food stores or pharmacies in concentrated form.  Pricing for products is variable and typically range from $3.00 to $20.00.

Are There Any Drawbacks of Using Tea Tree Oil?

As useful as tea tree oil is, there is some speculation as to the safety of its use.  Even though minimal amounts are used in some antiseptic mouth washes, consuming or swallowing the product can prove detrimental to your health and can lead to death.  Due to its high toxicity levels when taken orally, the American Cancer Society discourages the use of oral tea tree oil for small children or animals.


Another concern for its use is that tea tree oil can cause allergic reaction in some users.  While cases of incident are rare, many who use the product find that the oil’s camphorous aroma is overpowering and can cause unwanted and irritating tingling feelings on the skin and scalp.

In even rarer cases, it has been suggested that repetitive use of tea tree oil products by prepubescent males has triggered an odd result.  Although unsure of the oil’s exact contribution, scientists discovered that some boys began to acquire fatty deposits in the chest that produced the appearance of female breasts.

Author’s Notes

When using any new product, whether organic or manufactured, it is always best to get as much information as possible before application.  If you experience any type of allergic reaction, weakness, or confusion after using tea tree oil products, discontinue use immediately and consult with your physician before any further applications.