Nostril Infection

Tips for Treating a Nostril Infection

Although some people have never heard of a nostril infection, this type of problem is no different from an infection affecting some other part of the body.  We wanted to offer some of the reasons an infection inside the nose might occur, followed by tips for bringing the infection under control.  Obviously, eliminating the infection would make the nose more comfortable but also prevent the infection from spreading to other parts of the body.



Remember, a nostril infection can be caused by a number of things such as a piercing done where the needle or nose ring/stud was not properly sterilized.  A nostril infection can also be the result of a chronic sinus infection.  In this case, if the sinus infection results in ongoing nasal drip, this could cause the lining of the nose to become irritated.  If the sinus infection is not treated, the problem could lead to infection inside the nose.  A nostril infection could also be caused by allergic Rhinitis, which is a chronic respiratory condition associated with a runny nose and sneezing.  In addition to these three causes, many others exist.

The exact way in which a nostril infection is treated would depend on the cause in part although treatment is often the same regardless.  In the case of having the nose pierced, make sure you go to a reputable person or company, or better yet, see if you can find a doctor to do the piercing.  Then, choose only high quality rings or studs, those made from pure gold and made to be hypoallergenic.  With this, follow any instructions exact to prevent an infection from developing.

If the nostril infection is because of a chronic sinus problem then it would be important to get the primary infection under control or the second infection would continue.  Typically, the doctor would prescribe antibiotics but to make sure both infections are resolved, follow the dosage and administration as ordered.  In some cases, the doctor may also prescribe some type of topical cream, which may or may not contain antibiotics.  Regardless, the cream would help ease any discomfort while the antibiotics killed the infection.

If the nostril infection were caused by Staphlococci, otherwise known as a staph infection, the bacteria living in the mucous membranes within the nose would need to be killed.  Now, when it comes to a staph infection, several different types could be the culprit.  Because of this, the doctor would first swab the inside of the nose to perform a culture to identify the exact type.  From there, the appropriate antibiotic would be identified, making it possible to kill the infection.

Keep in mind that because a nostril infection could be caused by so many different things, it is imperative to seek medical attention.  Otherwise, the wrong treatment would not work.  In fact, if the infection were not treated properly, the symptoms to include a runny nose, open sore, and pain would only be masked.  This means for a short amount of time the infection may appear to be under control but before long, it would return and sometimes, return with even worse symptoms than before.

An infection of this type is hard enough on adults but when it involves a baby or small child, symptoms are often worse and identifying proper treatment even more critical.  When dealing with a small child that has an infection on the inside of the nose, along with medical care, it would be important for anyone handling the child to have clean hands.  This would be especially critical if the infection involved an open sore in that any bacteria on the hands could create a worse problem.