Non Surgical Liposuction

Facts about Non Surgical Liposuction

Eliminating body fat quickly is a dream held by many, but with the non surgical liposuction options that are now available, it no longer has to be just a dream.  Nor does it have to be painful or dangerous.  New non invasive means of eliminating body fat may very well be the wave of the fit future.

About body fat

Every human is born with fat cells; anywhere between 50 to over a billion fat cells are distributed over the entire human body.  The purpose of these cells is to store energy in the form of fat molecules, where it is able to be access when needed.  In most cases, people do not “accumulate” fat cells; rather, fat cells grow in size to accommodate the amount of fat they store.  When the body needs energy, enzymes are used to break down the fat molecules and release them into the bloodstream where they are directed toward the muscle cells that need the energy.  In this way, the body’s natural fat storage is utilized in a positive manner to help fuel the body.  People have no control over where fat is stored on their own body, or which fat cells are chosen to supply the body’s energy.  This is why it is impossible to “spot reduce”; although specific muscle groups can be targeted to strengthen, fat cells cannot be targeted to reduce an individual’s problem area.

Methods of eliminating body fat

The best way to reduce the amount of fat on a body is to expend more energy than is taken in through food and drink consumed.  In a perfect world where the balance between energy used and energy stored is well aligned, weight gain does not occur.  Simply put, people need to do physical activity (use up energy) in order to lose weight (deplete fat cells).  However, it is impossible to target which fat cells are depleted.  Some people, through genetics, accumulate fat storage around their waist, while others may tend to store fat around their hips or thighs.  It is easy to see how someone who attains their ideal weight may still have undesirable fatty “pockets” in these areas. 

Non surgical liposuction is the perfect answer for people who have specific areas of fat they are unable to eliminate from their bodies.  Unlike traditional liposuction which is performed over larger areas of the body, this less invasive method can target those problem areas in different ways to smooth out unsightly bulges and decrease the size of hips, thighs, tummies and more.

Liposuction without surgery

Surgery is a scary thought for anyone, whether the procedure is cosmetic or medical.  Fortunately at least for cosmetic purposes liposuction can now be performed without surgery.  There are two basic methods for this less invasive means of quickly eliminating stored fat.

Diets and exercise are not always enough to sculpt the body into the shape we wish, yet surgery can be a scary thought.  Non surgical liposuction may very well be the fit fashion of the future.