Natural Testosterone Boosters

What You Should Know about Natural Testosterone Boosters

Hormones play a prominent role in the way our bodies function, and it is the lack of these vital hormones that lead many people to seek out natural testosterone boosters. Increasing the amount of this hormone in the system can be beneficial for those whose normal body production has diminished or to enhance the normal production level of others.

The role of testosterone

Testosterone is often considered by many to be a male hormone, but women need testosterone as well.  It plays an important part for both genders:

There is also the belief that testosterone affects mood in both genders.  All hormones work in conjunction with other hormones, with the proper balance keeping the body performing optimally.  The control of production for men lies in the pituitary gland; signals are sent to the testes to either produce more or less testosterone depending on the level in the bloodstream. 

Boosting hormone production

There are a few reasons why people might seek out natural testosterone boosters, including:

Prescription preparations of testosterone may be recommended, which are available in oral or topical forms.  There are alternatives to prescription hormones that many individuals explore that include life styles changes and herbal remedies.

Changing certain aspects of your life style can boost natural hormone production in the body.  Getting plenty of rest, eating a well balanced diet devoid of fried or fatty foods, drinking plenty of water and dealing with stress are methods that can stabilize your metabolism and keep hormone production on an even keel.  Including peanuts as a daily snack may also prove to be helpful for men, possibly due to the fact that they are high in monounsaturated fats.  Keep alcohol consumption to a minimum, as the effects of alcohol on the system can depress testosterone production.

Herbal remedies are often used by body builders to maximize the effects of natural testosterone.  Boosters of the hormone are generally discouraged for competition, so often men will attempt to avoid the conversion of testosterone to estrogens in their bodies to increase testosterone levels.  Certain amounts of the hormone that is produced by the body must be converted to estrogens to achieve the proper hormonal balance that is necessary for various body functions.  Using plant derived supplements of saw palmetto, chrysin and indole-3-carbinol as well as maintaining low body fat can depress or discontinue the conversion and maximize testosterone levels in the system, resulting in the ability to develop larger muscles.

Natural testosterone boosters can be beneficial for many people whose normal production of the hormone is flagging.  It is important for individuals to consult with the physician before beginning any type of hormone heightening to understand how it could affect them in either a positive or negative manner.