Natural Blood Pressure Reducers

Top Effective Natural Blood Pressure Reducers

Before you reach for medication that could provide you with long-term negative effects on your health, you should know that there are natural blood pressure reducers available.  Most hypertension issues are a result of stress, tension, diet and lifestyle.  Obesity plays a huge role in blood pressure and seems to be an ever-growing epidemic over the past few years.

Doctors and pharmaceutical companies will have you believe that you need to take whatever medication they are prescribing to control this.  The problem with this is not only are more and more drugs being recalled or being slapped with class-action lawsuits for causing other health problems, they are really just masking the problem.  Essentially, they are like putting a Band-aid on a dirty wound.  How can you rely on a drug to cure your blood pressure when you are still making poor diet choices, smoking, not exercising or stressing out all the time.  The only way to really gain control over your health is to use natural blood pressure reducers.


Since 33 percent of the people in the world are obese, it should really come as no surprise that blood pressure has become a serious issue.  Diet is to blame for a good majority of individuals, fortunately it is something that can be addressed and changed.

Fruits and vegetables provide an array of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants that all make effective natural blood pressure reducers.  Antioxidants are essential to maintaining a healthy heart because they protect your cardiovascular system.

Leafy vegetables must be consumed daily.  Some of the top recommended choices are broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, lettuce and spinach.  Fruits need to also be included in your daily intake and that doesn't mean apple pie or peach cobbler either!  The best ones to use as natural blood pressure reducers are bananas, apples and all citrus fruits.

Aerobic Exercises

Exercise is one of the best high blood pressure solutions.  While it is recommended to get at least a small daily dose in, exercising at least three times per week is a good place to start.  Always take frequent rests as a beginner and never try to work out beyond your personal body limits.

Any type of physical activity that actually allows more oxygen to be consumed by your body is considered an aerobic activity.  This can include walking jogging, cycling, skiing, swimming, etc.  People of any group can participate regardless of previous sports experience.  While exercising, your muscles are moving much faster, yet maintain control which empowers blood to flow faster to the heart from the muscles.  While this is happening, endorphins are secreted inside your body while toxic wastes are expelled.

Yoga And Meditation

Breathing exercises and stretches that are associated with yoga empower you to achieve holistic health.  Half spinal twists, double leg raises and shoulder stretches are a few basic poses anyone can do with ease.  Proper breathing throughout yoga is crucial!  It is recommended to work with a trainer or join a studio to fully understand this technique.

Meditation is voted one of the most rewarding blood pressure reducers because not only does it improve your health, you relax your mind and are allowed to connect to yourself on a deeper level.