Nail Biting Remedies

Effective Nail Biting Remedies

If you are looking for nail biting remedies, then you have likely been dealing with this habit for quite some time. Nail biting, or onychophagia by which it is known in the medical world, may seem like a harmless habit, however it can have some nasty side effects. Not only do rough, bitten-to-the-quick nails look unappealing, they can also suggest to others that you have low levels of self control or are insecure. This is because people who bite nails often do so out of anxiety, nervousness, boredom or inactivity, stress, and even comfort. The horrible look of bitten nails is not the only consequence of nail biting. When one bits their nails, bits of skin may also be severed and the underlying skin may pull away from the fingernail as a result of biting the nail too close to the quick. This can allow bacteria into the site which will result in a nasty and painful infection.

The problem with nail biting is that many people nibble at their nails and are not even aware of it at the time. This is why nail biting is such a particularly difficult habit to drop. It is important that a nail biter truly does want to stop; otherwise their chances of successfully dropping the habit are greatly reduced. If you are positive that you want to stop biting your nails, then give the following nail biting remedies a try.

Bitter-Tasting Agents

Many people have seen great results from applying bitter-tasting agents to their nails and the surrounding skin. This is especially great for children who bite their nails. The reason it works so well is due to the fact that a disgusting flavor will deter even the subconscious nail biters, that is, the ones who do not realize that they bite their nails. One could almost compare this approach to shock therapy. (If a certain action produces undesired results, then the brain can be trained to avoid performing the action.) Do be careful about what you put on your fingers, though, as you do not want to apply something that could be toxic or dangerous to your health. A few solutions you may want to try include vinegar, red pepper spice dissolved in a bit of oil, or commercial nail polish designed with a bad taste that will deter nail biting. Some people have had success rubbing a sliced pepper on their fingernails and around the surrounding skin. As they nibble their nails, the spiciness of the pepper causes irritation to the tongue and lips, making it uncomfortable to bite their nails.

Keep a Nail Kit Handy

An influencing factor in nail biting is the occurrence of broken or split fingernails or the formation of hangnails. This could lead someone to nibble at a broken nail which quickly leads them to nibble on the rest of their nails. In order to avoid this, you could keep a small nail kit nearby, such as in a desk or locker at work, in the car, or in a handbag. At the first sign of “nail trouble” you should use a nail file or clippers to take care of the issue rather than chewing.

Keep Nails Looking Nice

Attractive nails are much harder to nibble on for the sheer fact that they look so good! Allow your nails to grow out a bit, especially if they have been bitten down to the quick. Once they have a bit of length on them, give yourself a manicure or treat yourself to a salon manicure. Keep the cuticles pushed back and file the edges to the desired shape. Then you can use a nice buffer board to give them a high gloss appearance. A bit of nail strengthening polish is a great way to reduce the occurrence of broken or split nails which could be tempting to chew on!

If these nail biting remedies simply don’t do the trick for you, you may want to look into the possibility of hypnotherapy. This is a therapy in which a professional hypnotist uses their skills to implant subliminal suggestions into your mind to help you stop biting your nails.