Morning Diarrhea

Dealing With Morning Diarrhea

Morning diarrhea is in some respects a somewhat abnormal condition even though diarrhea in general is something that most of us experience from time to time, usually infrequently and for short periods. To understand the causes of morning diarrhea might be it may be helpful to look into the causes of diarrhea in general, and then try to figure out why the disorder strikes at a particular time of the day, in this case in the morning.

It can be stated however that irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is probably the most common cause of morning diarrhea, but there can be other causes as well. Diarrhea is a condition in which there is an excessive amount of water in stool, the opposite of constipation where stool is usually rather dry, hard, or compacted. When one has diarrhea, the stool may be quite soft, or semi-soft, or in many cases mostly water.

Viruses And Food - Diarrhea can occur as the result of an illness, often due to a virus, and usually an illness which is primarily affecting the digestive tract. A viral infection however is will not necessarily be a cause of diarrhea only in the morning hours. Food is another thing which can cause diarrhea. In the case of food, different foods affect different people differently. Or put another way, there may be certain foods or food typos which can give you diarrhea, but will not have the same effect on the next person. Food however is one of the more common causes of morning diarrhea, which makes sense if the food eaten was consumed in the early evening, or just before bedtime. Lactose intolerance can cause morning diarrhea in some people and fatty foods eaten in the evening can have the same result on others.

Medications  - Some over the counter medications contain laxatives or compounds that have a laxative effect. Even if only a small amount of the laxative is present, if the medication is taken in the evening or at bedtime a person way awaken with a finite need to eliminate some very watery or soft stool. It is not only laxatives that can cause morning diarrhea, but some prescription drugs can have the same effect, particularly antibiotics.

The problems that antibiotics can pose is that the diarrhea does not necessarily occur shortly after the antibiotic medication is taken, Diarrhea may crop up days or even weeks later, making the cause obviously difficult to trace. The diarrhea in this case may or may not be morning diarrhea.

IBS The Most Common Cause - Still, of all the things that may cause morning diarrhea, Irritable Bowel Syndrome appears to stand out as the most common culprit, and if one does suffer from IBS, the chances are very high that this disease is to blame. IBS can cause both diarrhea and constipation, in fact rarely just one or the other but both conditions are likely, as with IBS, the natural rhythm of the digestion process is upset, often leading to an accumulation of excess water in the intestines, and diarrhea.

What To Do - If you suffer from bouts of morning diarrhea the first step obviously is to take stock of the foods you are eating or the medications you are taking, to see if that may offer a hint as to the source of the problem. If you suffer from some underlying disease, such as IBS, that also needs to be taken into consideration. An occasional bout of morning diarrhea may be tolerable, but if it is chronic or has suddenly appeared and is becoming an everyday experience, medical assistance should be sought. Diarrhea is usually harmless and at worst irritating or embarrassing, but when it is chronic it usually means there is something going on that requires expert attention.