Mole Hair

Causes and Treatments for Mole Hair

An unsightly mole hair can be both embarrassing and worrisome. Some people worry that mole hair is a sign of cancer or that removing the hair could cause harm to the mole. The presence of hair on a mole is not strictly a good or bad thing in itself, but there could be other signs which can point to a serious condition. Before we get into the possibilities, let’s dive into the background of the mole.

What Causes a Mole?

A mole is a brown or black growth on the skin. They can appear anywhere on the body, including the scalp. Most moles form during childhood and early adulthood, although they can form at any time during a person’s life. A mole develops when skin cells, called melanocytes, in a particular area cluster together when they would typically spread out. Melanocytes are responsible for the development of skin pigment, or skin color.

Changes in a Mole

It is fairly common for moles to change over time. What once was a flat, darkened patch of skin may rise to become a dome-shaped spot, or a dome-shaped spot may take on a completely obscured shape similar to the consistency of cottage cheese. Moles can even change color over time. Some moles are very close in color to the surrounding skin and may darken as one ages. Brown moles may also darken to take on a more brown-black color. And, in some instances, moles can disappear altogether over time. While not all moles change, one should not panic if they notice that their mole has changed a little over time.

About the Mole Hair…

The growth of hair on a collection of tissue such as a mole is really just another form of “change” that can occur. Nearly every bit of skin on the human body contains some form of hair, and the same goes for moles. In fact, hair on a mole could actually be a good sign! Melanoma, a serious form of skin cancer which bears a similar appearance to a mole, typically kills hair follicles on the skin. In this regard, the presence of hair on a mole could rule out a common type of skin cancer.

How to Get Rid of Mole Hair

Even if mole hair is justified and not necessarily a health issue, it can still be an issue for one’s self-esteem. The good news is that mole hair removal is quite easy! The same equipment you would use to remove hair from other areas of the body can also be used to remove mole hair; however it is important that one takes the utmost care not to cause excessive damage to the skin of the mole.

The first method you could use is tweezing. If one or two pesky hairs emerge on your mole, simply use a pair of tweezers to gently pluck them from the skin. Tweezing is often the most preferred method to remove hair from moles because tweezing involves removing the root of the hair from the follicle. This means that the hair will take much longer to return. The downside to this method of hair removal is that it can sometimes result in bleeding and is often painful. Redness and mild irritation are likely to occur but typically go away within 24 hours.

A good alternative method to tweezing is shaving. This is ideal if you have a great deal of hair covering the mole or do not like the pain associated with tweezing. A steady hand is required for this method as a nick or cut could result in damage to the mole. This method is especially useful if the mole is located in a very hairy spot, as it is recommended that one routinely inspect each mole for any odd changes that might require a doctor’s inspection.