Milkshake Diet

Important Information About The Milkshake Diet

Optifast, otherwise known as the famous milkshake diet, actually emerged on the scene for the first time in 2004 but it was not until this past year that it really started gaining a lot of popularity.  This Switzerland-based company claims to be the solution for weight loss and many people certainly agree.  This is a comprehensive weight loss program that is specifically designed for long-term weight management yet on their website they suggest that many individuals gain their weight back over time.  While their typical patient loses around 50 pounds in 22 weeks, many only realize these goals for as long as they are on the diet.

Great Tasting Meal Replacements

The weight loss success of the milkshake diet is attributed to their delicious meal replacement that are drank during the part of the program that is responsible for the most active dieting phase.  Simple and effective, these great tasting meal replacements provide high quality and complete nutrition, quick and simple preparation and calorie-controlled and pre-portioned servings.  Additionally, these shakes take the guess work out of trying to decide what to eat for a meal.  Unfortunately, none of this does anything to teach the individual healthy eating habits and how to choose the right types of food.

While many individuals are skeptical about following this kind if diet, most say that it only takes around one week to comfortably adjust to an entire meal replacement plan.  Most do admit that they feel much more energetic after they have been on the milkshake diet for awhile however, any diet where you lose weight will boost your energy level naturally.

Optifast says that you are improving your health on the diet because you change your eating habits.  That statement could be partially true if you really look at it from an optimistic view point.  Sure, you are doing something healthy for your body by losing weight but is this really changing your eating habits?   Excess weight can lead to a great number of health complications however, it has been found that most struggle to keep the weight off because they don't know how to change the way they eat when they are ready to start consuming real food again.

Reasons To Lose Weight

Whether you participate in the milkshake diet or not, you have to learn to make healthy lifestyle changes.  You need to educate yourself on the nutritional value of food and start an exercise program.  In the United States, two-thirds of adults are either severely overweight or obese.  This not only makes you more at risk for health concerns, it also makes treating them more challenging.

The more overweight that you are, the more risks you face which is why it is so important to gain control of your weight and your life.  If your body mass index is over 25 percent, losing weight will improve your quality of life substantially.  Studies show that decreasing your body mass index rating by as little as five percent will show amazing health results.

When you lose weight, you lessen your chance for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, coronary heart disease, stroke, gallbladder disease, pregnancy and fertility issues, osteoarthritis and joint problems, respiratory issues, sleep apnea and some types of cancer.  All of these health risks are serious and they can either be brought on or worsened from being obese.

If you do decide to make use of the milkshake diet, do not become dependent on the convenience of it.  Talk to a food specialist and start an exercise program so that you not only lose weight but become a healthier person as well.