Medical Pedicure

The Medical Pedicure: An Overview

The medical pedicure is an elevated quality of care service offered at many of the finer spas in the world now as well as medical treatment spas. A relatively new service, the medical pedicure is designed to service a specific range of clientele that are happy to pay for the treatments. If you’ve heard of medi pedis or medical pedicures and are curious about what they entail, this article will break the service down for you and give you an overview.



What Is a Medical Pedicure?

As stated above, medical pedicures are special treatments geared toward special clients with special medical needs. Medical staff is on hand to diagnose any conditions visible in the foot or feet, and they can offer special treatments to help with this. In most cases, though, an actual medical pedicure is not needed, and a simple medi pedi will suffice. The only difference is that the medi pedi technician can only recognize irritation, infection, etc and then recommend the client go see a podiatrist for treatment. If the foot is not diseased or infected, the technician can then provide the special services for the client.

What Kind of People Need These Services?

Several people seek out medical pedicures, particularly people with diabetes. Diabetic people have poor circulation in their feet usually, and therefore their skin is very thin and often dehydrated. A normal pedicure to remove calluses and rough, cracking skin, would actually cause more problems with feet like this.

People with auto-immune problems also frequently seek out these services, as well as people that are overweight. For overweight people, there is a great deal more pressure put on the heels, and this can cause excessive calluses, and dry, cracking skin. Special care is usually needed to help in cases like these, and the specialty products are much more suited to these clients.

Many healthy people like medi pedis also. Runners in particular need to take special care of their feet, but even people that frequently wear sandals or live in the desert are also ideal recipients of the treatments offered.

How Do the Treatments Differ from a Regular Pedicure?

Medical pedicures are different than regular pedicures in many ways. For starters, the doctors and technicians pay a great deal more attention to sanitization and disinfecting. Autoclaves are commonly used to ensure that every tool used during the procedures are 100% clean and sterile. This is incredibly important for clients with significant health problems, and also protects other clients that may be following them.

In addition to this, the basic quality is also higher. Special attention is paid to removing unsightly and often painful calluses from the client’s feet. While a regular pedicure will certainly improve the state and health of a foot, patients and clients with afflicted skin need more intense treatments. In these cases, soaking is avoided, replaced by high intensity peels and specialty lotions that contain soothing ingredients specially formulated for feet.

Possibly the most important facet of the services is the educational aspect. Podiatrists and techs will instruct their clients on important home-care techniques they can do to ensure they their lowest extremities are kept healthy and pain free. Some technicians will even suggest specialty lotions or give their clients recipes for lotions that they can use at home in between appointments.


These medical spas are beginning to pop up everywhere, not just Europe and Hollywood. Many cities now have these places, and although medical pedicures may not be available, medi pedis can work wonders, as long as you do not have open sores or a visible infection on your foot. These services are fast becoming apropos though, and many regular spas are now hiring and training specialists in these fields.